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Catskill Mountain Group Ground Team Level 3 Academy, 18-20 May 2007

Catskill Mountain Group is pleased to announce its annual spring Ground Team Level 3 Academy occurring on 18 to 20 May, 2007. Cadets of all experience levels are welcome. We will be holding a Basic First Aid Course, the Basic and Advanced Radio Courses, and will have a mission number as part of one of the activities. We will also coordinate with local emergency workers as part of the mission.

For cadets with little or no ground team experience: To get your full ground team rating, all you need to do before this academy is to have or General Emergency Services rating and attended one SAREX. If you are not able to make a SAREX and get a mission number before the activity, donít worry, you wonít be restricted at all from participating, it just means that you will not graduate with a full Ground Team rating.

For cadets that have completed Ground Team Level 3 or higher, we will need a good cadet staff base to successfully run this activity. We have positions open for Med, Training, SET, and Flight Commander.

For seniors interested in getting GTM3 or UDF training, apply the same way as cadets. If you are only going to be available for certain days, include that information on your application. If there is enough seniors interested in coming, we will form a separate senior only flight under a more experienced officer, otherwise, we will integrate you into the cadet flights as in times past. For seniors interested in helping out on staff, apply the same way as cadet staff. We will have positions for Training and Med. Mentors if anyone is interested.

If anyone working on a UDF rating, let us know what training you need and we will do our best to work in extra training for cadets interested in UDF tasks not part of GTM3.

Applications are due for Cadet Staff by April 20th, and for all other cadets by April 30th.

Application Instructions:
For Cadets:
Send a NYWF31, a CAPF60, a check for 15$ made out to James Anderson
James Anderson IV
P.O. 119
Hankins, NY 12741 by April 30th. You will receive an email of confirmation once your application has been processed.
For Cadet Staff: Send a NYWF31 marked Staff, a CAPF 60, a copy of your 101 card, or your completed GTM3 SQTR if your 101 card hasnít been updated, a NYWF96 listing staff preferences, a check for 15$ made out to James Anderson and a short staff essay to the above address before April 20th. You will receive an email of confirmation once your application has been processed.

Thank you for your interest.

James W. Anderson IV
Cadet Commander
2007 SCCS Emergency Services Academy

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