That's right.. you know it.. our cadet programs are bigger and better than yours! Boo-ya!!

Cadet Programs Archive & Help File Resources

Old Memos from the CP Staff to the field
Old memos provided as a historical reference and a record of past NYW related events.

NYWG Publications and Policies (CP related)
NYWG Suppliments, publications and policy letters that affect cadet programs or cadets.

Wing Cadet Programs Meeting
Example of a meeting for other Wing CP's to see

CAP and NY Wing graphics
Patches, shields and graphics for download and use in webpages, documents, fliers and letterheads

Squadron Continuity File
Lesson Plans, Instructors guides, other materials for use in the home squadron to help run and improve the cadet program.

Recruiting Tips
Tips to aid the squadron to recruit. Coming soon- a guide how to have your squadron explode in numbers, like the Rochester Composite Squadron, from 15-20 cadets to CAP's 2nd largest unit! (90+ members).

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