Note:  These minutes are official.

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Minutes of the New York Wing Cadet Advisory Council meeting, 4 December 1999. Held at Mid-Eastern Group Headquarters.

Meeting opened at 1103 hrs local by c/Lt. Col. Couts; second by c/Lt. Col. Brodsky

1108 Meeting Opened/Old minutes read:
Groups Present: NYCG, CMG, NYCG, FLG, LIG, and MEG
Missing: SEG, AMG, and WNYG
Represented: CNYG

1109 Motion to vote on minutes: (Couts; Collins)
Minutes approved 8-0

1110 Clarification over Deputy and Recorders right to vote: C/LtCol. George says "no", decision by Capt. Grullon is that anyone at table can vote on motions and any other votes except for election of officers when only primaries can vote.

1113 Group reports:
CNYG- Liaison at the USAF ROTC has established "Leadership days". Any cadet may go. Lots of equipment donated from local army/navy stores for Winter Bivouac. Best way found was to proposition people/businesses in
person or in writing. Explain the program. March- group awards dinner.
NYCG- 18 Dec ES Classes and ROA A/B held at NYCG HQ
Started Orientation Flights. Stated that they didn't fly in the past because they had no plane Sending Color Guard to competition
MEG- Delayed to wait for representative
LIG- Replacement Representative. Group basic training sessions in the planning, to be held at LIG HQ Cadet Flying held as a squadron level activity. Winter Bivouac is a go again.
SEG- Absent
AMG- Absent
FLG- Biggest squadron in the wing is in this group.(by 1 cadet) Held a competition with the Navy Sea Cadets, NCO academy.
MEG- 1 Bivouac per season (Cadet run/planned/orientated)

Chairman asks the representatives to report on the status of these activities the next meeting.

Reports end at 1129:

1130 Review old proposals:
Encampment Prep Course:
CMG- Yes
NYCG- Good but not practical, cannot mentally prepare cadets
FLG- Agree with NYCG, but younger cadets get more secure with what to expect
LIG- Outstanding Idea, Need to stress teamwork is a must. All agree that
is this will be continued. Committee to be reviewed.
ES gear proposal:
Approved as read by recorder, resent to wing CP officer
Cadet Command Service Ribbon:
Approved as read by recorder, resent to wing CP officer

1142 New Business:
New Cadet Programs Officers Announced:
Capt. Henry Grullon- Wing CP director
1Lt. Joseph Winter- CP assistant (South)
1Lt. Andrew Welsh- CP assistant (North)
Capt. Eric Gilmore- Support CP analysis
1Lt Scott Ullery- CP development
Dates on the Calendar:
26-28 December 1999- National Cadet Competition. Alabama
15 Jan 2000- NYW cadet review boards (applications due Jan 8th)
Interview for cadets applying for Drum 2000 at Scotia ANGB
Color Guard/Drill Team Commanders work shop.
1 Feb 2000- Encampment CC selected
Cadet Staff Applications Due to wing for Drum 2000
Encampment CC: Maj. Martin
Deputy Commander: Capt. Steven Samuels
Liaison: Capt. Grullon
26 Feb 2000- Tentative CAC meeting at Albany.
3-5 March 2000- NYW leadership workshop @ Stratton ANGB
28 March 2000- NYW Color Guard aps due at Wing HQ. Fee TBA
4 April 2000- Cadet staff selected for drum 2000
14-16 April 2000- Wing Conference (Very Tentative)
5-7 May NYW Encampment Workshop
26-28 May 2000- Model Rocketry School (Tentative)
3 June 2000- NYW Drill Competition
30 June- 10 July 2000- Tentative Fort Drum 2000 Date
9 Sept 2000- CAC meeting
7 Oct 2000- Encampment Debrief

1230 5 Minute Break called by chairman:

1239 Reconvened:

1240 Continue New Business:
Proposal to be written by c/MSgt. Sean McQuade for CAP items to be made in US, rather then in foreign countries.
Continue with Cadet Programs Mugs. Send to group reps to show off in group. Get feed back. All feel that money should go to Wing CP funds.
Wing web page changed to
Solve discipline problems from the top down. Consistency is the key.
NYCG thinks that their Customs and Courtesies is strong. Everyone else feels that they need some work. Discussed Different ways to instill discipline, Customs and Courtesies and motivation in the cadets in the wing.

1340 Motion to break for Lunch By: (Couts; Collins)

1432 Motion to reconvene: (Couts; Brodsky)

1433 Discussion on what cadets want to see at the wing conference.
Ideas proposed:
Military Job Specialist
Service Academy Representatives**
NASA Teacher (talk about shuttle)
Presentation Competition**
N.E.A.D.S. Presentation
Dance/Military Ball
Raffle/Door Prizes**
Guest speakers**
Committee to be headed by Neville to write Proposal for the presentation
competition guidelines.

500 Open Forum
Neville Recommended recognition of Eagle Scout accomplishments. Use pin as a "specialty badge". Proposal to be re written and sent to wing. Wing Proposals to be sent to Cadet Wing Web Page. To include minutes/proposals. Unanimously passed c/LtCol. George will write proposal for funds for Cadet Advisor to accompany the Color Guard to competitions.

1547 Floor opened to the Observers for questions/ comments
None at this time

1551 Motion to close the meeting. (Couts; Mcquade)

Next meeting to be announced. New York Wing CAC bylaws to be discussed.

____________________ _____________________
Chairman Vice Chairman


NYW Cadet Programs Officer