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Cadet Staff Positions - Command Staff

Cadet Commander

Reference the Commandant's file for more resources and OI's, as well as the Pass-In-Review section of this site.

cadet_eval_06.doc                        36 Kb    In-Flight Cadet Evaluation Form from 2006 NYWG Enc.
CC_memo_OIs.doc                          38 Kb    Memo from CC discussing OIs to staff
CC_mission_statement.doc                 29 Kb    Cadet Commander's mission statement for NY Wing 2001
CC_staff_goals.doc                       32 Kb    Memo from CC to command staff discussing goals + planning
ILWG_RGM.doc                            209 Kb    Illinois Wing Road Guard Manual
OI_CC.doc                                25 Kb    OI for CC
PassinReviewScript.doc                  265 Kb    Pass In Review Script (For NYWG @ Stratton, see PIR page for true script)
staff_eval_06.doc                        34 Kb    Cadet Staff Evaluation Form from 2006 NYWG Enc.

Deputy Cadet Commander

OI_DCC.doc                               22 Kb    OI for DCC (updated 2006)

Cadet Executive Officer

Reference the Cadet Executive staff file for more resources

Exec_staff_daily_report_form.doc         12 Kb    Daily report form that OIC's in executive staff fill out and give to C/XO
OI_admin.doc                             31 Kb    OI for Administration
OI_communications.doc (99)               25 Kb    OI for Communications (non-standard format, 1999)
OI_comm.doc (01)                         44 Kb    OI for Communications (standard format, 2001)
OI_logistics.doc                         56 Kb    OI for Logistics (non-standard format, 1999)
OI_med_1999.doc                          37 Kb    OI for Medical (non-standard format, 1999)
OI_med_2001.doc                          25 Kb    OI for Medical (standard format, 2001)
OI_PAO.doc                               34 Kb    OI for Public Affairs (non-standard format, 1999)
OI_XO.doc                                25 Kb    OI for XO
OI_room_MN.doc                           34 Kb    OI for Public Affairs

Will add content for 1st Sgt later

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