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1. Encampment Brochures/invitation letters
The purpose of the invitation/borchure is to entice the cadets and seniors alike to attend the activity. It should be written to interest the individual to attend the activity. Information on how to apply, what is needed and where it should be sent should be included, as well as dates and the location of the activity. Here are some examples of brocures and letters, taken from the web or sent in by submission. The formats of the files are in parenthesis.

  1. Maine Wing's 1999 encampment brochure. (web page/HTML)
  2. Minnesota Wing's 1999 encampment invitation. (web page/HTML)
  3. Minnesota Wing's 1999 encampment acceptance letter (web page/HTML - download zipped Word document here)
  4. California Wing's 1999 encampment invitation. (web page/HTML)
  5. New York Wing's 1999 encampment welcome package (self-extracting Word document)
  6. New York Wing's 2002 encampment welcome letter, mailed to all NYWG cadets (MS Word, 173 Kb)

2. Encampment Booklets
The encampment booklet is what the cadets recieve in the mail as their registration confirmation. It includes a packing list, directions and encampment specifics.
  1. New York Wing's 2001 encampment booklet. (self-extracting Word document, 281 Kb)

3. Encampment Planning/Setup
A collection of documents describing the pre-planning (building requisitions, telephone #'s, etc) and narratives about the first day or two of encampment. Provides insight into the kinds of activities organized by senior command staff at the start of encampment as well as beforehand. Also provides detailed info for NYWG encampments in planning for Fort Drum's hosting.
  1. Encampment Preprocessing (zip file of Word documents, 174 Kb)

4. Encampment Philosophy and Goals
One of the philosophies of the NYWG Encampment is to have the senior members in attendance perform as mentors, while allowing cadets to run the activitiy. The first document is a cadet's testimonial about the mentoring program at encampment (a description of encampment mentoring is in the NETM), and the second document is a simple form for cadets and seniors both to use to encourage and evaluate mentoring sessions. The form is especially helpful for encampments which are just starting to implement a mentoring program (within the first 5 years).
  1. Cadet testimonial to Mentoring at encampment (written 1992) (pdf file, 10 Kb)
  2. Mentor-Mentee feedback form (pdf file, 11 Kb)

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