Maine Wing Encampment

The experiences you could have in the Maine Wing Encampment cannot be compared to any other encampment offered in the Northeast Region. The combination of training, flight opportunities, survival instruction, and the chance for unlimited personal growth are what draws cadets from all over to come to the Maine Wing Encampment.

Eleven days of the encampment will be in the White Mountain National Forest, at the Bog Brook Training Area in Gilead, Maine.  This site, an Army Guard facility, provides an excellent place for cadets to work together and practice their skills. 

Parents and friends are invited to the graduation ceremony on Saturday afternoon 3 June 1999.  

The encampment will be held from 23 June to 3 July 1999, and the cost is only $100.00!  Applications received after June 1 will have a $20.00 late fee added ($120.00).).  Cancellations received after June 1 will not be eligible for reimbursement of  the fees.

Essential skills


If you are a first year cadet, classes and training will include:  American Red Cross Basic First Aid & CPR, CAP Radio Operator Permit, qualification for home unit issuance of a CAPF 101T for Ground Team Member (trainee), and map and compass.

If you are a second year cadet, you can elect to enter the advanced program, in which you will learn new skills to build upon the ones you learned previously. 


Civil Air Patrol Orientation Flights will be offered. Orientation training with a U.S. Military SAR helicopter will be presented to all cadets.


Skills and theories of  wilderness navigation, survival techniques, shelter construction, and physical fitness will be covered by survival instructors from McGuire AFB.  They will be on hand all week to discuss their particular skills and abilities. Rappelling instruction will be given to all eligible cadets.

Advanced Options

If you are a cadet or senior, you have at least one year encampment experience, in excellent physical condition, and at least 16 years of age, you may elect to join the Wilderness Survival Team.  This unit, escorted by individuals skilled in the art of wilderness survival, will use their skills first hand by hiking, navigating, and existing away from the encampment site.

Personal Growth

Encampment is the time in a cadets' career that he or she can functionally practice the skills taught in the leadership portion of the cadet program.  Its a chance to work towards becoming a better leader.

How you can be there

If this interests you, then make your plans now to attend.  All cadets who have participated in encampment in previous years are strongly encouraged to apply for a staff position this year.  Don't worry if you feel you are not ready yet, this is first and foremost a training activity.  You will be a better leader by the end of the course. 

The $100.00 fee includes billeting, supplies, instruction, transportation, all meals, and the dining-out banquet at the end of encampment.  This fee must be paid at the time of application submission.  All applications must be routed through your squadron commander.

Attendance Requirements and Procedure

Basic (1st Year) - Current, card holding CAP member by 01 May 1999.

Advanced (2+ Years) - Attended previous encampment in Maine or another wing.

Cadet or Senior Staff (2+ Years) - Attended previous encampment and desire staff position.

Wilderness Survival Team (Cadet or Senior, 2+ Years at encampment) - At least 16 years of age at the beginning of encampment (no exceptions).  Excellent physical condition that will be tested on site.  List of CAP experience (specifically E.S. / Survival) submitted with application.

1.  Complete a CAP Form 31, Application for CAP Encampment or Special Activity.

2.  Complete the Parental Consent Form (Cadets Only) included with this flyer.

3.  Send one copy of each of the above forms, and a check for $100.00 before 1 June 1999 (staff apps 1 May) to:


6 SARA LANE, PORTLAND, ME  04103-3623

(Make check payable to ME Wing, CAP.)

The following Parental Consent Form must be sent to the above address with each cadets application package.  Cadets are not allowed to handcarry this form to the activity.



 NAME                                                                                                      GRADE                  SERIAL #

is hereby granted permission to travel by military aircraft for the purpose of participating in officially approved Civil Air Patrol activities.  I am aware that military  training activities, including, but not limited to, physical training, rappelling instruction, and use of the obstacle course, are a part of this encampment.  I understand that this relieves the United States Department of Defense and the Maine Wing of the Civil Air Patrol of any possible liability claims.

I certify that I understand that military airlift is provided at the convenience of the military and that schedules and transportation availability are subject to change with little or no notice.  I certify that my son/daughter possesses sufficient funds to defray the cost of meals, lodging and return transportation by commercial mode should the requirement arise.


                                 Parent/Guardian                                                                                                                                              Date

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