1999 Summer Encampment Headquarters

Minnesota Wing Civil Air Patrol

United States Air Force Auxiliary

PO Box 11230, St. Paul, Minnesota 55111-0230




From: Major Todd Mandel, Encampment Commander

Subj: Welcome to the First Cadet Training Group

Congratulations! Your application to participate in the 1999 Minnesota Wing Summer Encampment has been accepted and approved. Please read this letter and all of the enclosed information carefully. I am excited about the opportunity of providing you with an outstanding encampment experience and I welcome you to the First Cadet Training Group.

Important Dates & Transportation Information

The encampment is scheduled for 19-27 June. You will be expected to report to your transportation meeting site at the specified time on 19 June. DO NOT BE LATE! In past years we have left without individuals because they were late, and we will do so again if necessary. We will return on 27 June to the specified drop off point. Return times will be distributed during encampment. You will find specific transportation instructions on an attached sheet. If you have a special request or situation please contact Captain Steve Miller at 612-894-7220. Capt Miller is the encampment Logisitics Officer and will be coordinating all transportation issues.

If you are unable to attend the encampment you must contact me immediately to cancel and open your slot for another cadet. Refunds will be given out according to the following schedule. All refunds will have a $15.00 processing fee taken from the amount:

If you are unable to complete the encampment, the Encampment Commander will review refund requests on a case by case basis.

Uniforms, Supplies, and Haircuts

Please check your packing against the packing list we have enclosed. If you are in need of uniform items, YOU MUST SECURE THEM PRIOR TO ENCAMPMENT. You will not be able to buy uniform items until late in the week, and you will need them before that. You can contact the CAP Bookstore, the HOCK SHOP (1-800-THE-HOCK), or Wing Supply for uniform items. Failure to have a complete uniform will impact your ability to pass inspection and effect your eligibility for graduation.

Your haircut must meet the specifications of CAPM 39-1 upon arrival at encampment. Please review these requirements carefully. Specifically, note the requirements of bulk, appearance, and no block styles. Cadets who report with haircuts that do not comply will be required to have their hair cut to meet CAPM 39-1. Cadets will pay for their own haircuts.

Contraband Items

The following items are not allowed at encampment. The encampment staff will confiscate contraband items. Perishable items will not be returned.

  • Weapons
  • Knives (ALL TYPES pocket knives included)
  • All food items
  • Soda/Pop
  • Alcohol
  • Non-prescription drugs
  • Pagers, cell phones, computers

  • Non-CAP reading material (except for religious texts)
  • Video Game systems
  • Walkmans/Discmans/Watchmans
  • Tobacco, cigarettes, chew, etc.
  • Civilian clothes with alcohol, cigarette, sexual, or other unacceptable designs on them.
  • Any items that are an express violation of CAP regulations such as tabacco, alcohol, drugs, or weapons will be confiscated and the member will be sent home immediately. Further adverse membership action will be taken.

    Expectations and Standards

    By attending this encampment you are saying, "I want to be a leader!" To become a good leader you must first demonstrate the ability to be a follower and to master the standards and knowledge presented to you. I expect excellence from you and every encampment participant. Only a 100% effort will be accepted.

    A copy of the Cadet Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) has been included in this mailing. The SOP is a standard that you will be expected to live by. A standard is a tool or device we use to measure your abilities, compliance, and mastery of a topic. Besides the SOP we will use other standards throughout the encampment such as CAPM 39-1 Uniform Manual, AFR 50-14 Drill & Ceremonies, and CAPR 52-16 CAP Cadet Program Regulation. It would be helpful to you to become familiar with each of these standards before arriving at encampment. You are expected to bring your copy of the SOP, in good condition, with you to encampment. Cadets who do not will be required to purchase a new copy for $2.00.

    The Cadet Training Group

    At encampment you will be part of a temporary unit called the "Cadet Training Group." This year your Cadet Training Group (CTG) Commander will be C/Lt Col Jim McTie. In this packet is a letter from him as well. You are expected to read and be familiar with the material in this letter. It will outline further expectations, goals, and standards that the CTG will have for itself. Do not mistake the CTG for just another term. The Cadet Training Group is a unit unto itself, comprised entirely of cadets, run by cadets, and led by cadets. The Senior Staff exists simply to mentor and ensure that the CTG meets the obligations and requirements set forth in the CAPR 52-16 standard. If you dedicate yourself to excellence perhaps you too can some day be a part of the staff, or even command, the Cadet Training Group.

    Information for parents

    This year, in an effort to make encampment more "tangible" to you, we are going to be maintaining and updating a website for the encampment throughout the week. From the website you can get updates, see pictures, and even send your son or daughter email! The address for the website is www.mnwg.cap.gov/cp/encampment or it can be found from the main Minnesota Wing webpage at www.mnwg.cap.gov.

    Emergency communications can be directed to the Encampment Command Post. This number will be distributed to the local unit commanders once we arrive at the base. The number will also be posted on the website. Check with either of these sources for the correct phone number. Please do not send email of an emergency or sensitive nature. If you have news to relay to your son or daughter please use the Command Post phone number so we can ensure that Chaplain or other services are available if necessary.

    Parents are welcome to attend the graduation banquet that will be held at 5:00 p.m. on Saturday, 26 June at the "All Ranks Club" located on base. If you plan on attending you MUST contact me no later than 15 June 99 at 651.388.2875. The cost will be $15.00/person. There are limited spaces available so please plan ahead.

    Need more information?

    Hopefully the information in this packet will answer your questions. If it does not, please feel free to call either C/Lt Col Jim McTie or myself. Congratulations on accepting the challenge and welcome to the Group!