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Encampment Management Program (Link to another site)

The Encampment Management Program is a database tool for use by the Administration and finance staff officers at encampment. The database contains a complete record of the participants at an activity- their address etc., application status (complete or partial), their payments and their graduation/completion status. It automatically creates flight rosters, P-1 reports, staff rosters, MSA's, CAPF 7 rosters for National HQ, Certificates of Accomplishment, Certificates of Appreciation and financial reports. Combined with a wing-wide CAPWATCH database, you can also verify membership status, contact information and awards, for both cadets and seniors.

This program has been in use in NYWG for 5 years. In 1999, there were 5 cadets (and two seniors) on Admin staff, with 123 cadets in flight. In 2003, there were 3 cadets (and one senior) on Admin staff, with 208 cadets in flight. The amount of man-hours this database saves is incredible- and well worth the download!

A complete user manual is linked above to describe how to set up and use the database. The tool functions best if you have a copy of the CAPWATCH database from your whole wing, but a wing-wide copy is not required (you must, however, have a capwatch database to link to).

If you have questions about the database, or have technical problems, please contact the author (Maj. Barabara Burns).

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