2006 NYWG Color Guard

5th Place at National Cadet Competition

Northeast Region Champions

NY Wing Champions

Representing Southeast Group

The 2006 Southeast Group Color Guard had a spectacular performance, winning both the NYWG and NER competitions, earning the right to compete at the 2006 National Cadet Competition in Washington DC. These photos were courtesy of the SEG cadet programs office, and taken at the Northeast Region competition in Newport, RI.

01_cg_prepares 02_martino_preps_jedlika 03_gomez_prepares 04_smith_prepares 05_martino_prepares
01_cg_prepares.jpg 02_martino_preps_jedlika.jpg 03_gomez_prepares.jpg 04_smith_prepares.jpg 05_martino_prepares.jpg
06_jedlika_prepares 07_outside 08_comp_start 09_uniform_insp 10_uniform_insp
06_jedlika_prepares.jpg 07_outside.jpg 08_comp_start.jpg 09_uniform_insp.jpg 10_uniform_insp.jpg
11_uniform_insp 12_uniform_insp 13_uniform_insp 14_uniform_insp 15_uniform_insp
11_uniform_insp.jpg 12_uniform_insp.jpg 13_uniform_insp.jpg 14_uniform_insp.jpg 15_uniform_insp.jpg
16_taking_break 17_taking_break 18_getting_ready 19_formation 20_mile
16_taking_break.jpg 17_taking_break.jpg 18_getting_ready.jpg 19_formation.jpg 20_mile.jpg
21_mile_run 22_team_pt 23_outdoor 24_outdoor 25_outdoor
21_mile_run.jpg 22_team_pt.jpg 23_outdoor.jpg 24_outdoor.jpg 25_outdoor.jpg
26_outdoor 27_outdoor 28_outdoor 29_outdoor 30_outdoor
26_outdoor.jpg 27_outdoor.jpg 28_outdoor.jpg 29_outdoor.jpg 30_outdoor.jpg
31_indoor 32_indoor 33_dining 34_chow_line 35_panel_quiz
31_indoor.jpg 32_indoor.jpg 33_dining.jpg 34_chow_line.jpg 35_panel_quiz.jpg
36_panel_quiz 37_panel_quiz 38_panel_quiz 39_trophies 40_trophies
36_panel_quiz.jpg 37_panel_quiz.jpg 38_panel_quiz.jpg 39_trophies.jpg 40_trophies.jpg
41_awards 42_jedlika_award 43_awards 44_giusti_award  
41_awards.jpg 42_jedlika_award.jpg 43_awards.jpg 44_giusti_award.jpg

NYWG Color Guard Competition scores and place in event

Date: Saturday, 18 March 2006 Participating groups: Long Island, Southeast, New York City Location: Stratton ANGB, Scotia NY

Click here for complete details on the competition and the scores (Adobe PDF format).

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