NY Wing 2001 Drill Team

The drill team project officer was Capt. Andrew Welsh, CAP.

Competition results from 2001 Northeast Region Drill Competition:

Uniform Inspection:      Standard Drill:        Innovative Drill:
1st: Mass                1st: Mass              1st: Mass
2nd: NH                  2nd: NH                2nd: NY
3rd: NY                  3rd: NY                3rd: NH

Panel Quiz:              Written Test:          Mile Run:
1st: Mass                1st: Mass              1st: Mass
2nd: NH                  2nd: NY                2nd: NY
3rd: NY                  3rd: NH                3rd: NH

1st: Mass
2nd: NY
3rd: NH

Fleet Foot Award:  Cadet Nathaniel Lowe, New York Wing, 5:11 mile run time

1st: Mass
2nd: NY
3rd: NH

Drill Team Practice Calendar

Pictures from Drill Team Practices and Competition

Name                 Squadron
Anderson, Chuck      Batavia
Cunningham, Ashley   Rochester    
Georgia, Joseph      Rochester    
Getgen, Jeff         Rochester    
Knight, Brad         Rochester    
Kaminski, Alex       Rochester    
Kubera, Colin        Rochester    
Kuchman, Alex        Rochester    
Lowe, Nathanial      Rochester    
Ozzello, James       Rochester    
Peppers, Mike        Rochester    
Rocco, Anthony       Rochester    
Rossbach, Alexander  Rochester    
Sanford, Matt        Rochester    
Scalzo, Andrew       Rochester    
Simpson, Tommy       Rochester    
Tascione, Andrew     Rochester    
Berezuk, Pat         Advisor      
Happell, Mike        Advisor      
Mayer, Steven        Advisor      
Jones, Candi         Advisor      
Welsh, Andrew        Advisor      

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