All items are required equipment listed in the required sections will be part of daily inspections.

REQUIRED UNIFORM ITEMS, labeled with last name, first initial and last 4 #’s of SSN:

ü Blues: ü BDU’s:
  1 Summer Blue Shirt   1 Summer weight BDU Shirt (2 recommended)
  1 Summer Blue Slacks or Skirts (Slacks preferred)   1 Summer weight BDU Pants
  1 Flight Cap (no service cap)   1 BDU Cover (Summer weight if possible)
  1 Pair Uniform Shoes   1 Pair Uniform Boots WELL BROKEN IN
  1 Blues Belt (Navy color w/chrome buckle/tip)   1 Set Blousing Bands (for BDU pants)
  3 White V-Neck T-Shirts (males and females)   1 BDU Belt (Navy color w/black buckle/tip)
  3 Pair Black Socks   7 Brown T-Shirts (no black or green T-Shirts)
  1 Grade Insignia w/ backing   8 Black T-Shirts (STAFF ONLY)
  1 CAP Cut-out w/ backing   7 Pair White Socks (9 FOR STAFF)
  1 Hat Device (for flight cap) w/ backing   1 Web Belt (to attach canteens and first aid kit)
  1 Name Plate w/ backing   2 Canteens – military style, to fit on web belt, (metal canteen cups optional)
  1 Ribbon holder w/ backing
  1 Set of Appropriate Ribbons   1 Small First Aid Kit – to fit on web belt
  2 Pair neutral shade hose (worn w/female skirt)
  1 Blue tab for blouse (females only)
  1 Tie + tie tab/tie bar (MALE STAFF ONLY)
Note: New shoes and boots are not recommended. They should be well broken in to prevent blisters.

REQUIRED OTHER EQUIPMENT, Labeled with last name, first initial and last 4 #’s of SSN:

ü Clothing: ü Barracks Items:
  9 Sets of Underwear (11 for STAFF)   1 Flashlight with extra batteries and bulbs
2 Sets of Casual Civilian Attire (no formal attire). Civilian attire must be solid colored clothing. Advertising or vulgar statements of any sort will not be permitted. 1 Set of twin size Linens - 1 bottom sheet (not fitted/no elastic corners!), 1 top sheet, 1 Pillow w/Pillow Case. (Note: all Linens MUST be solid color, preferably white. No prints or fitted sheets with elastic sides.) ($8 at Family Dollar) NO SLEEPING BAGS
  1 Set of PT gear (solid colors only)
  1 Pair Blue Denim Jeans/Work Pants   1 Blanket – Solid, no print (US Army wool preferred)
  1 Pair Sneakers   1 Laundry Bag, mesh preferred
  1 Light Jacket, Field Jacket, or Sweater   1 Canister of foot powder
  Accessories:   8 Coat Hanger for Uniforms & Civilian Clothes
  1 3-Hole Punch Spiral Notebook   Hygiene Items:
  3 Pens   2 Washcloths
  3 Pencils   2 Bath Towels
  1 Shoe Shine Kit (polish, brush, rag)   1 Pair Shower Clogs (flip flops/surf mocs)
  Additional Items:   1 Soap Bar with soap dish (plastic container)
  1 Swim Suit, modest   1 Toothbrush
  1 Sunscreen   1 Toothpaste
  1 Raincoat or Poncho   1 Mouthwash
  1 Pair Doctor Scholl’s shoe liner for boots   1 Comb and/or brush
  1 case/bag for shower and bath items   1 Small bottle of shampoo
  1 Set of Shaving Items   1 Deodorant
  1 Package of ‘Moleskin’ (blister protection)   1 Female Hygiene Products (Females Only)
  1 Pair white gloves (FLT/SQ/SET Staff Only)    

OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT (the less the better):

  1 Hair dryer   1 Set of Makeup – females only
  1 Hair Spray or Hair Gel   1 Shower Cap – females
  1 Chap stick   1 Camera/Film
  1 Sweat Suit   Sewing Kit
  Lightweight iron + travel ironing board   Very small container of laundry detergent