"We know where you live."

1st Lt Phyllis Pruitt, Mentor; C/SSgt Nicole Douglas; C/2d Lt Kayu Ng, OIC

C/SMSgt Ryan Elliott, 1st Lt Kay S. Hartsen, Asst Mentor


"All things work together for the good of those who love God, and who are called according to His purpose."

Lt Col Janet Schachner Capt Van Don Williams, Head Chaplain

Capt Charles Taylor, SM Tom Stamatinos, Lt Col Blair (Pops) Biddle

Fort Drum/NY Wing Liaison Officer

Maj Peg Jennings


"The financial aspects of the encampment have gone fairly smoothly."

Capt Marylou Falco, Mentor, C/SSgt Nicole Douglas, NCOIC, SM Donna Lee, Asst Mentor


"You can’t work without us"

C/MSgt Paul McIntyre, 1st Lt Edward Suessle, Mentor, C/2d Lt Robert Hark, OIC


"What is that aboot!?"

Maj Virgil Montavon, Mentor, C/2d Lt Mike Hirch, OIC, C/TSgt Alexander Rossbach

C/2d Lt Stephen Fox


"What’s up Doc?"

C/1st Lt Matthew Kelly, C/SSgt Robert O’Neal

Dr. (Maj) Lawrence Model, 2d Lt Fredric Letson

C/2d Lt Zachary Smith, OIC

Mess Operations

"Kill ‘em all, let God sort ’em out"

C/SMSgt Katie Wieczorek (Air Ops), C/SMSgt Nick Kasatkin, C/TSgt Lawrence Gurdo,

C/CMSgt Thomas Fangmann, Section Chief, Maj Barbara Burns, Mentor

Transportation Operations

"The best way to lead is from behind."

C/2d Lt Charles Taylor, OIC; Maj Brian Skupa, Mentor; C/MSgt Brandon Phillips

Public Affairs

"We endanger species."

C/SSgt Daniel Cocozzelli; C/2d Lt Jacob Uriel, OIC

C/MSgt Jennifer Frye, C/SSgt Danielle Ayala, Maj Malcolm Dickinson, Mentor


Capt John Davis

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