"We few, we happy, we band of brothers, for whoever sheds his blood with me shall be my brother."


Commander: C/Maj Adam Cucchiara

First Sergeant: C/MSgt Raquel Ayala

The lore of the spoons: Someone thought that "Cucchiara" (Sq CC’s name) means/meant "spoon" in Spanish (this is an unverified fact). This is also an obscure reference to the defunct, 16-episode only Saturday morning cartoon, "The Tick"- "Spoon" was the Tick’s battle cry. The squadron magically produced spoons at the daily motivation checks/ honor flight announcements. Of course, in response, Squadron 1 produced forks…

Foxtrot "Firebirds" Flight

"Pain is weakness leaving the body."


Flight Commander: C/2d Lt Bradley Albert

Flight Sergeant: C/CMSgt Sean Tinston

TAC: 1Lt Michael Nogle

C/SrA Brian Ahearn C/A1C Keith Boarman C/A1C Scott Conschafter
C/A1C John DeLuca C/Amn Devin LaMay C/Amn Shawn LaPlant
C/A1C William McCauley II C/SMSgt Aaron Parsons C/A1C Andrew Scalzo
C/Amn Jason Truglio C/Amn Courtney Tucker  


Golf "Griffins" Flight

"Lead, not drive, and your men will follow you wholeheartedly"


Flight Commander: C/1st Lt Brian Owoseni

Flight Sergeant: C/SMSgt David Ploegman

TACs: 2d Lt Thomas Szekely

C/Amn Curtis Arena C/SrA Matthew Clarke C/A1C Brian Connor
C/Amn Robert Dittmer III C/Amn Shaun Flannigan C/MSgt Geoffrey Getgen
C/TSgt Andrew Harris C/SSgt Jonathan Hewett C/Amn Eric Mackey
C/A1C Alexander Kaminski C/Amn Kyle Natoli C/MSgt Andrew Numa
C/Amn Aaron Titka C/SrA Daniel Wawrzyniak  


Hotel "Hornets" Flight

"Hotel Flight loves Popeye’s chicken."


Flight Commander: C/2d Lt Seth Model

Flight Sergeant: C/CMSgt Michael Paquette

TAC: SM Emily Genser

C/SrA Gregory Abriss C/Amn John Aguzzi C/Amn Joel Anderson
C/A1C Nicole Bradley C/A1C Jennifer Camp C/Amn Kaley Catlin
C/A1C Sepraphim Dmitrieff C/Amn Paul Gates C/Amn Thomas Hanover
C/MSgt Dan Hubert C/A1C Ryan Perry C/Amn Thomas Plehn
C/TSgt Eric Schenck C/ SSgt Michael Towne  


India "Incinerators" Flight

"Spoonerific India"


Flight Commander: C/Capt Cory Reynolds

Flight Sergeant: C/TSgt Jessica Patalino

TACs: 2d Lt Lori Miller, SM Bradley Woehrlen

C/TSgt Ronald Carl C/Amn Cindi Chou C/TSgt Daniel Cola
C/A1C Jacob Connor C/Amn Richard Circhlow C/SrA Mrynal D’Arcangelo
C/Amn Robert Distelcamp C/MSgt Jared Gidansky C/AB Karen Janik
C/Amn Rayman Liang C/SSgt Heather Pinsky C/TSgt Steven Ramsingh
C/A1C Matthew Scheuer    

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