Greetings, everyone.

Here is the information regarding the Bus to the Fort Drum encampment.
Please forward this information to all applicable Squadron Commanders and

Lt Col Johnnie Pantanelli is coordinating the bus from Queens to Fort Drum
and back.  Please contact her if you have any questions.

The bus to the Ft. Drum Encampment is for in-flight cadets only:

Departs Flushing,  Queens Area from TBD location at 0800 Hrs. on 27 July (Be
there at 0730)
1st stop is in Fishkill at the Holiday Inn. Pick-up about 1000 (Be there at
2nd stop in Albany at the Colonie Center Sears parking lot about noon.  (Be
there at 1115)
Then on to Fort Drum to arrive about 1500 Hrs.

The return trip stop at the same locations, and timing details will follow.

Bus is $55.00 per person round trip regardless of where you are picked up.
Make check payable to:      "CIVIL AIR PATROL"

Reservations & money MUST BE IN BY TUESDAY 25 JUNE 02  to guarantee you a
seat on the bus.  Seats are available on a first come first served basis.
This is a 47 Passenger bus, and we will keep two seats for senior bus

In addition, we still need senior bus monitors. Senior monitors will NOT
need to pay the bus fee.  We will take the senior bus monitors from NYC to
Fishkill, Fishkill to Albany or Albany area to Ft. Drum, OR a senior can
escort the bus all the way.  We also need a return trip escort for 04
August.  Please get back to us on that if you are willing.


C/O Lt Col Johnnie Pantanelli
Bus Coordinator South
97 Pleasant Ave, White Plains, NY 10605

Send by:  TUES. 25 June 02.
Contact info for Lt Col Pantanelli:
914-428-1841 (res)  914-997-7450 (work)  FAX: 914-997-8999

Capt Daniel Stouch, CAP
2002 Encampment Commander