2005 NYWG Encampment at Stratton ANGB
2005 NYWG Encampment PAO Staff
July 23-30 2005

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22 July - Staff Arrives and builds the encampment tent site

22Jul0501 22Jul0502 22Jul0503 22Jul0504 22Jul0505
22Jul0506 22Jul0507 22Jul0508 22Jul0509 22Jul0510
22Jul0511 22Jul0512 22Jul0513 22Jul0514 22Jul0515
22Jul0516 22Jul0517 22Jul0518 22Jul0519 22Jul0520
22Jul0521 22Jul0522

23 July - Cadets arrive for their first day

23Jul0501 23Jul0502 23Jul0503 23Jul0504 23Jul0505
23Jul0506 23Jul0507 23Jul0508 23Jul0509 23Jul0510
23Jul0511 23Jul0512 23Jul0513 23Jul0514 23Jul0515
23Jul0516 23Jul0517

24 July- Cadets take the CPFT, and begin a full day of encampment activities and classes

24Jul0501 24Jul0502 24Jul0503 24Jul0504 24Jul0505
24Jul0506 24Jul0507 24Jul0508 24Jul0509 24Jul0510
24Jul0511 24Jul0512 24Jul0513 24Jul0514 24Jul0515
24Jul0516 24Jul0517 24Jul0518 24Jul0519 24Jul0520
24Jul0521 24Jul0522 24Jul0523 24Jul0524 24Jul0525
24Jul0526 24Jul0527 24Jul0528 24Jul0529 24Jul0530
24Jul0531 24Jul0532 24Jul0533 24Jul0534 24Jul0535

25 July- Cadets participate in the group leadership task, as well as continuing orientation flight activities.

25Jul0501 25Jul0502 25Jul0503 25Jul0504 25Jul0505
25Jul0506 25Jul0507 25Jul0508 25Jul0509 25Jul0510
25Jul0511 25Jul0512 25Jul0513 25Jul0514 25Jul0515
25Jul0516 25Jul0517 25Jul0518 25Jul0519 25Jul0520
25Jul0521 25Jul0522 25Jul0523 25Jul0524 25Jul0525
25Jul0526 25Jul0527 25Jul0528 25Jul0529 25Jul0530

26 July- Cadets take orientation rides on the C-130s stationed at Stratton ANGB.

26Jul0501 26Jul0502 26Jul0503 26Jul0504 26Jul0505
26Jul0506 26Jul0507 26Jul0508 26Jul0509 26Jul0510
26Jul0511 26Jul0512 26Jul0513 26Jul0514 26Jul0515
26Jul0516 26Jul0517 26Jul0518 26Jul0519 26Jul0520
26Jul0521 26Jul0522 26Jul0523 26Jul0524 26Jul0525
26Jul0526 26Jul0527 26Jul0528 26Jul0529 26Jul0530
26Jul0531 26Jul0532

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