2006 Encampment Photos

All photos taken by 2006 Encampment PAO Staff
22-29 Jul 2006

22 Jul 2006 - Arrival And Inprocessing

td02-01 td02-02 td02-03 td02-04 td02-05
td02-06 td02-07 td02-08 td02-09 td02-10
td02-11 td02-12 td02-13

23 Jul 2006 - Cadet Physical Fitness Test, Group Leadership Problems, Drill, Classroom Instruction

td03-01 td03-02 td03-03 td03-04 td03-05
td03-06 td03-07 td03-08 td03-09 td03-10
td03-11 td03-12 td03-13 td03-14 td03-15
td03-16 td03-17 td03-18 td03-19 td03-20 lebenns flight
td03-21 td03-22 td03-23 td03-24 td03-25
td03-26 td03-27 td03-28 td03-29 td03-30
td03-31 td03-32 td03-33 td03-34 td03-35
td03-36 td03-37 td03-38 td03-39 td03-40
td03-41 td03-42 td03-43 td03-44 td03-45
td03-46 td03-47 td03-48 td03-49 td03-50
td03-51 td03-52 td03-53 td03-54

24 Jul 2006 - Inspections, Classroom Instruction, Base Tours

td04-01 td04-02 td04-03 td04-04 td04-05
td04-06 td04-07 td04-08 td04-09 td04-10
td04-11 td04-12 td04-13 td04-14 td04-15
td04-16 td04-17 td04-18 td04-19 td04-20
td04-21 td04-22 td04-23 td04-24 td04-25
td04-26 td04-27 td04-28 td04-29 td04-30
td04-31 td04-32 td04-33 td04-34 td04-35
td04-36 td04-37 td04-38 td04-39 td04-40
td04-41 td04-42

25 Jul 2006 - C130 Orientation Ride, Inspections, Group Leadership Problems

td05-01 td05-02 td05-03 td05-04 td05-05
td05-06 td05-07 td05-08 td05-09 td05-10
td05-11 td05-12 td05-13 td05-14 td05-15
td05-16 td05-17 td05-18 dellapia td05-19 td05-20
td05-21 td05-22 td05-23 td05-24 td05-25
td05-26 td05-27 td05-28 td05-29 td05-30
td05-31 td05-32 td05-33 td05-34

26 Jul 2006 - Rock Climbing, Aerospace, Museum Tour

td06-01 td06-02 td06-03 td06-04 td06-05
td06-06 td06-07 td06-08 td06-09 td06-10
td06-11 td06-12 td06-13 td06-14 td06-15
td06-16 td06-17 td06-18

27 Jul 2006 - C-130 Orientation Rides

td07-01 td07-02 td07-03 td07-04 td07-05

28 Jul 2006 - Final Cadet Phyiscial Fitness Test, "Class A" Inspection

td08-01 td08-02 td08-03 td08-04

29 Jul 2006 - Graduation, Pass-in-Review, Outprocessing

zIMG_0763 zIMG_0772 zIMG_0781 zIMG_0785 zIMG_0786
zIMG_0808 zIMG_0814 zIMG_0823 zIMG_0840 zIMG_0853
zIMG_0865 zIMG_0880 zIMG_0893 Lt Col Edwards zIMG_0926
zIMG_0936 zIMG_0945 zIMG_0949 zIMG_0954 zIMG_0961
zIMG_0939 zIMG_0974 zIMG_0979 zIMG_0984

Guidons, Flight Portraits, Staff Portraits

admin alpha bravo charlie delta
foxtrot guidon-alpha1 guidon-alpha2 guidon-bravo1 guidon-bravo2
guidon-charlie1 guidon-charlie2 guidon-delta1 guidon-delta2 guidon-echo1
guidon-echo2 guidon-foxtrot1 guidon-foxtrot2 guidon-golf1 guidon-golf2
guidon-hotel1 guidon-hotel2 guidon-sqI1 guidon-sqI2 guidon-sqII1
guidon-sqII2 log med ops  

Humorous Photos

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