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Witness the National Champion Demon Drill Team in action.
Available is an edited Promotional video (w/o the inside jokes) - High-quality version here (11 MB in size, WMV format)

Also available is the unedited video with all the inside jokes that only the drill team would get.
Download the higher-quality version here (12 MB in size, WMV format)
Download the lower-quality version here (5 MB in size, WMV format)

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New 2005 National Cadet Competition (NCC) video, produced by Kelly Johnson (sister of the 2005 team commander):
2005 Drill Team Video (small, 6MB in size, WMV format)
2005 Drill Team Video (big, 14 MB in size, WMV format)

If you came here by accident and don't know what the Civil Air Patrol is or is about, click here to read about the CAP's cadet program for those entering the 6th grade up to 18 years old. Civil Air Patrol is the auxilliary of the United States Air Force and has three missions: Cadet Program, Emergency Services and Aerospace Education. If you like flying, the military, camping, search and rescue, or drill teams, CAP is the place to be! Click here to find a nearby unit and visit on a meeting night- guests are always welcome.