That's right.. you know it.. our cadet programs are bigger and better than yours! Boo-ya!!

NY Wing Cadet Programs Staff

Captain Stephen Samuels
NY Wing Director of Cadet Programs
(917) 440-5990

Duties: Oversee cadet programs in NY Wing; advise the CAC; chair IACE, COY, CNCOOY and NCSA Review Boards

No suitable picture available (although there is a candid photo of him here, in center)
Deputy Director of CP North
Deputy Director of CP South
Captain Andrew Welsh
Former Spaatz Cadet (#1233)
(585) 321-1318 Home
(585) 422-9732 Work

Duties: Webmaster

Hobbies/Tidbits: Works as Systems Engineer at Xerox; married since 1997; watches (sometimes ashamedly) the Buffalo Bills and dabbles in astrophotography. Webmasters his own homepage, too.

Group Cadet Program Officers in NYWG

Group Name Email
WNY 1st Lt Rebecca Boyne
FLG Lt Col David Hunter
CNY TFO Eric Carello
SCG 1st Lt Greg Huck
CMG Maj Barbara Martin
SEG 1Lt Nichole Ludwig
LIG 1st Lt James Ridley