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The cadets of New York Wing welcome you to the NY Wing Cadet Programs web site and thank you for taking interest in what we do.  Please look around and feel free to send comments to the webmaster.


What is the Civil Air Patrol?
The Civil Air Patrol (CAP) is the official auxiliary of the United States Air Force.  CAP was formed on 1 December 1941, a week before the Pearl Harbor bombing.  During World War II it was tasked with coastal patrols for German U-boats.  Its modern day missions are Emergency Services, Aerospace Education, and The Cadet Program.  The CAP is a volunteer organization.

What does Emergency Services involve?
The CAP performs 85% of the Air Force's inland Search and Rescue missions.  Not only that, but CAP is tasked with Disaster Relief, Humanitarian Services, Supporting the Air Force, communications support and aerial photography of disaster sites.

How is CAP organized?
CAP is organized into 8 Regions and 52 Wings (the 50 states, Washington D.C., and Puerto Rico).  Each Wing is divided into Groups and each Group has a number of Squadrons.  There are currently over 1,700 squadrons with 53,000 members (34,000 senior members and 19,000 cadets).

Who can join?
Cadet members are between the ages of 11 and 20 and senior members are 21 or older.  You must be enrolled in at least the 6th grade and under 18 in order to join as a cadet.  If you are 18 or older, you must join as a senior member.  For more information contact the Webmaster or visit the CAP National Headquarters Site (which has location of nearest unit).