Step 1: Parade Setup

Part 1 - Marking the outline of the field
Part 2 - Staff marks Ready Line spots
Part 3 - Staff marks Final Line spots

Part 1 - Marking the outline of the field

First, select a parade field and a public announcement system. Try to have the PA system available for practice. To mark the field, you can use the actual flags diagrammed in the drill manual, or cones. For marks for the staff and cadets, spray paint is the best option. Based on experience, three cans of white or flourecent spray paint are also needed. Use paint ONLY if performed on grass and the host installation doesn't mind.

The personnel marking the field will be the coordinating senior(s), the cadet commander and cadet XO (who traditionally fills the adjutant role at pass-in-review, otherwise the adjutant attends). See the picture below for the initial marking.

One person measures out the lines and spots in the diagram above. Be sure to step out the paces exactly as in the diagram- this is the basis of all other measurements. Although for smaller encampments, the cadets may seem miles away from the stands, the measurements are in place to allow enough time for the flights to make their turns and perform their commands.

The ready line is further from the reviewing party than the final line. Although there is no regulatory guideline on this, 20 paces is a good measure, as it gives just enough distance to perform the forward march that early in the parade sequence.

When painting the ready and final lines, have two people stand at each end of the line. One person and a visible tall objects such as a box or cone can be used as well. Don't use flat objects- a notebook will become invisible on grass at 100+ paces. These two people/person tells the painter to move left or right while painting the line to avoid drifting. Unless you use a string, no human can walk and paint in a straight line (parallel with the reviewing stand no less) without help.

Once the lines and corners are marked, then pace off the adjutant's spot and commander's spot. A helpful marking (if possible) is a dotted line path for the command staff to march from the lower left corner of the diagram to the spot in the center of the field. See the yellow dotted line in the picture above. A similar dotted path for the adjutant is needed. The adjutant initally marches onto the final line, all the way to the far right of the picture. Spot #2 in the picture above is 6 paces to the right of the rightmost flight in the formation. The dotted line starts from that point to the adjutant's spot in the center of the field.

Part 2 - Staff marks ready line spots

The pass in review staff (see
main parade page for definition of members) participates in this phase. They will pace off the distances between their flights (3 paces) and between squadrons (6 paces) and the color guard (6 paces on each side). The spots will be marked on the ready line first- this is to ensure proper alignment before the marks on the final line are made.

The cadets in flight can participate in this as well, as it will ensure 100% accurate marking; however it will be incredibly boring for them, since marking takes so long and all they do is stand (not to mention up to this point no one has practiced this). Otherwise, the pass in review staff will guesstimate the distances. Asking each flight commander to pace their flights when in line formation with the guidon bearer in the proper position (ref: Flight CC's handbook, Attach. 13) ahead of time is a good idea.

Mark each spot in a less than permanent way- if the cadets in flight aren't there. This way, the spots can be fine-tuned when the in-flight cadets are actually there. Once you are convinced it is set, then paint large letters for the guidon bearer and flight commander ("A" for Alpha flight, etc.), and numbers and/or letters for the group and/or squadron commanders. Spots for their guidon bearers are not necessary, as they are right next to the commander.

Part 3 - Staff marks final line spots

When the pass in review staff has finished marking their spots for the ready line, the final line markings can be made. Have the staff march the 20 paces (or however many you determined in
part 1) forward to the final line. Once in place, repeat the same steps as in part 2. This is the last setup step- once done, the encampment is ready to practice the pass in review full bore!

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