Step 2: Choose Your Script


  1. All scripts assume that the setup and pass in review staffs have properly setup the parade field. These scripts are used in both practice and the actual parade.

  2. When you see Italicized or grey italicized text with a strike-out this means the drill manual is applied and/or interpreted for the specific situation created by a category. Italics mean an item was replaced, and the strike-through and light text means it was omitted.

  3. Music Selections are underlined, starting with the word "Music:" and a direct link to the actual MP3 file format download from the Air Combat Command ceremonial music page. If you right click on the link and choose "Save As" or "Save Target As" you can store the mp3 directly onto your PC.

  4. Reference AFM 36-2203 for a symbol key of each position identifier (such as the box with an X through it)

Category I
Category II
Category III
1 to 10 flights, with no squadron or no multiple group commanders (cadet commander is considered group level)
4 or more flights, with squadron commanders and no multiple group commanders (cadet commander is considered group level)
8 flights or more, with squadron commanders AND multiple group commanders (cadet commander is considered wing level)
Since you have no squadron commanders, your parade is a modified version of what is in the drill manual. All commands and actions performed by the squadron commanders are performed by the flight commanders individually. This parade scenario is as common as Category II. Your parade has no group commanders. Some modifications to the drill manual must be made, however are easier than in Category I. All commands performed by the group commanders are ignored (they merely echo commands). This scenario is as common as Category I. This parade follows what is in the drill manual to the letter, as the manual is written for this exact scenario. This parade scenario is the least common in CAP.

Read here how to set up and mark the field beforehand

Step 3: Train


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