Step 3: Train

Most often the largest training difficulty is getting the cadets in flight used to marching to music. This can be alleviated by having the cadets march to parade music during drill periods throught the encampment week. The other problems are the COC or Cadet Commander arguing or confused over what the drill manual states- this guide fixes that problem.

To practice the pass in review, a 3-step process is performed:

  1. The Senior Member coordinator has a meeting with the Pass In Review Staff. In the meeting, the scripts are handed out, and a "desktop walkthrough" is conducted- this is the practice of 'visualization' before actually doing the task.

  2. The Pass In Review Staff goes out to the parade field, marks their spots as best as possible (semi-permanent marks, as the final markings will be done when the in-flight cadets practice). The music is also coordinated with this practice.

  3. All participants practice the pass-in-review, music included.

Step 4: Parade Day


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