2005 NY Wing Demon Drill Team

Last updated: 8 Jun 06

The 2005 Demon Drill Team are NCC Champions!

Commanded by C/Major Erik Johnson
1st place Written Test
1st Place Panel Quiz
2nd Place Volleyball

3rd Place Mile Run
3rd Place Uniform Inspection
3rd Place Standard Drill

Congratulations to Alexander Rossbach and Brian Woodlock (again for both!) for top written test score
Congratulations to Yvonne Greco (again!) for Female Fleet Foot

Video from 2005 National Cadet Competition

Pictures from 2005 NER Cadet Competition
Last updated: 8 Jun 06

Pictures from 2005 National Cadet Competition
Last updated: 8 Jun 06

2005 NEW YORK WING DRILL TEAM ROSTER (Finger Lakes Group/Rochester Composite Sq.)
Name                     Squadron  (competition participation)
Dodsworth, Joshua Aaron  Condor     NER, NCC
Galletto, Ryan           Rochester  NER, NCC
Greco, Yvonne            Rochester  NER, NCC
Johnson, Erik            Rochester  NER, NCC (Team CC)
Irwin, Caleb             Rochester  NER, NCC
Manfred, Katherene       Rochester  NER, NCC
McCann, Josh             Rochester  NER, NCC
Milazzo, Joseph          Rochester  NER, NCC
Race, Vladim             Rochester  NER, NCC
Richenberg, Todd         Batavia    NER, NCC
Rossbach, Alexander      Rochester  NER, NCC
Sanford, Matt            Rochester  NER, NCC
Scalzo, Andrew           Rochester  NCC
Vaughn, Mark             Rochester  NER, NCC
Weselak, Marissa         Rochester  NER, NCC
Wieczorek, Katie         Rochester  NER, NCC
Woodlock, Brian          Rochester  NER, NCC
Zeigler, David           Rochester  NER

Johnson, Linda           Advisor
Irwin, Misty             Advisor
Mayer, Steven            Lead Advisor
Sanford, David           Advisor
Sanford, Susan           Advisor
Welsh, Andrew            Long-Distance Sagely Advice Giver
Zeigler, Mary            Volleyball Coach

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