2000 New York Wing Encampment

Staff pictures

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The Serious...

Maj Grullon and LtCol Martin working late

Cadet Ariano's watchful eye over his squadron

Cadet Genser, Medical staff

LtCol Martin talking with parents during inprocessing

Lt. Busch (TAC) and Capt Gilmour (COC) discussing

C/CC (Horn) and C/XO (Waggoner) briefing staff members

Chaplain Smith from CT wing pays us a visit

Command staff poses at the Polar Bear sculpture on base

Cadet Command Staff before closing formation

Cadet Command Staff and Squadron 1st Sergeants meeting

Capt Gilmour evaluating the cadets during inprocessing

Executive staff flight waiting before formation

Executive staff waiting to go in for chow

Executive Flight in formation, Cadet Gibbons as Flight Sergeant

Cadet Strock (PAO) preparing newsletter

Encampment First Sergeants

Maj Grullon and Capt Gilmour,
Cadet Commander and Deputy from Camp Smith 1993

FO Greves and Brodsky practice Pass In Review with Capt Samuels

Cadet Foo (TRNG OIC) in the training office

Logistics Staff

Cadets Murphy and Waggoner discussing plans

Cadet Gibbons (PAO) filming

Cadet Gibbons taking picture during inprocessing

Cadets Waggoner and Gibbons and FO Young relaxing right before inprocessing

Capt Gilmour (COC) and LtCol Martin (CC)

Capt Suessle (XO) mentoring her counterpart, Cadet Waggoner

Capt Gilmour with a cadet

Cadet Marby as the Officer of the Day

Greves observing the parade practice

LtCol Martin (CC) having a discussion

Maj Grullon and Lt Col's Cohen and Biddle meet

Cadet Foo (TRNG OIC) after a long day

Cadet Kieloch relaxing after a hard day

Cadets Horn and MacMenamin after formation

Cadet George briefs staff

Encampment Medical Staff
And the not so serious...

Cadet Horn going crazy with the stress of the job

TFO Dan Brodsky, TAC officer

Kenny (from South Park) as the Officer of the Day

Cadets Murphy, Horn, Gibbons and Waggoner

TFO Dan Brodsky relaxing during parade practice

Maj Grullon and Capt Gilmour with Cadets Horn, Gibbons and Murphy lurking

Cadet Alec Martin scheming

Cadet Macmenamin drinking from the fashionable CamelBak

LtCol Martin, Encampment CC

Cadets Cucchiara and Waggoner relaxing moments before inprocessing begins

Cadets Foo, Bruso and Vonie during staff personal time

Read the thoughts of Cadets Cucchiara and Horn

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