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NYW Encampment History

2000 NYW Leadership Encampment, Fort Drum, NY
29 June - 10 July 2000
Lt Col Anita Martin, Commanding

173 in-flight cadets and 62 cadet staff members from around the wing and 2 cadet staff from Massachusetts wing took part in one of New York's largest encampments in 20 years.  The cadet staff arrived on 29 June at Fort Drum to prepare for the encampment by setting up offices, practicing formations, and receiving briefings on what procedures would be.  The cadets arrived on 1 July for in-processing and orientation.

The encampment kicked off immediately the next day with classes, eating at the Army's chow hall for dinner, and having McDonalds for breakfast.  Highlights of the encampment included a trip to Range 35, where A-10s and F-16s dropped practice munitions and the A-10s unleashed their 30mm gatling guns, time on the Confidence Course, and orientation flights. 

The NCO Academy was lucky enough to check out some UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters and to go on a night navigation course with night vision goggles and the assistance of Air Force personnel.

An A-10, left, and F-16, right, make passes during the Close Air Support demonstrations.

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