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NOTE 2: One of the pictures does not have a caption. Use the email given and send in your suggestions. Best 3 will be posted here with credit to the authors.


"Now they are mine.. MUAHHAHAHA"


Stan/Eval now accepting bribes...


Cadet to good looking girl: "Why, yes, this IS my helicopter..."


This Army dude is liking that gun a little too much..


Somehow, these guys think they can camouflage themselves.

(Note: doesn't work too well against brown building)


That's one cadet who's happy to be at encampment


S/M Norris and C/Stellfox plotting.. "Yes.. that WILL work.."




Sadly, Ayala's address label scam is discovered, and is about to be hauled away by Petrisin. All that shame...


Fort Drum has a funny way of enforcing their parking regulations


Cadet Patalino auditioning for American Idol




Email me your suggested caption - val_n_andy@hotmail.com


Her barracks shoe arrangement needs more organization (Sleep deprivation takes its toll)




Tell you what, I wouldn't be barefoot on Fort Drum barracks floors if I didn't have to be.


The sleepiness after that meal kicks in. (Sleep deprivation takes its toll, part II)


No! No! Don't write on their Blues shirts!!! What are you doing?


Oh ho ho... laugh it up people. You haven't hear the last of Amanda Smith...


"OK you run a 10-and-out. You do a quick slant. I'll roll to the left.. on two... ready, BREAK!"


The commandant is coming! No more joking around!

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DISCLAIMER: The captions for these pictures are intended to be humorous. If you find them not funny or offensive, well, tough cookies.