So do you know the cadet oath? Really? You think you're smart.. OK, so how many stars should show on a properly folded flag? 4, You say? Well, you're right but that's a lucky guess. Well then, Einstein, what are the four zones of interaction? Eh? Intimate, personal, social and public? OK, OK, so you're smarter than I thought... well, now that you've waited, some of the pictures below should be loaded.


Come closer... you know you want to...




So is this considered fraternization? At least the girl/guy ratio is in Strock's favor


This Squadron Commander is growing tired of his cadets...


This cadet is growing tired of his flight


On second thought, this cadet is just growing tired...


Leaver's tiredness ceases to grow (Sleep deprivation takes its toll, part III)


Arie, wannabe Drum Major (no pun intended..)




Yep... regular comedians... (every year the Med staff does this "work someone over" bit.. GONG!)



Left: Somehow I doubt Cunningham would be so calm if her arm were *really* broken
Right: "If your happy and you know it, clap your hands..."


Note how enthused about this pose the military guys are


"Now how do I use this thing?"
(Lt Col Burns was the Senior PAO, and the cameras were his)


"AWWW Darn it!!! I forgot to set the VCR to record Scrubs!!!"


Man, this cadet is definitely happy. Its like he has a glow about him. I'm getting worried.


I told you that you haven't heard the last of Cadet Smith. Just look, she has unfettered
access to your food, and her Mess Ops homies to back her up. Don't be dissin' her!


Just chillin' after the bowling / cadet social


Umm..... who's this guy?


No matter, he's cool cuz he has a fishing hat...


Anyone that knows both Maj Peg Jennings and Linda Johnson
(Cadet Erik Johnson's mother) would know these two are a perfect match


No, Petrisin, you can't be the PAO, despite it's coolness. You're the Squadron Commander. Sorry.


Cadet: "Halt!"
1Lt Marcal: "But, I just want to use the stapler"
Cadet: "I'm sorry sir, but I'll have to see your CAP ID card."
(Sadly, this cadet thinks he can stop Adelino Marcal. He is mistaken.)


OK, so this kid isn't *always* happy. Whew!


Now who's laughing? That's right, Amanda Smith is, and she's cooking your food. I warned you!


Geez, they're still writing on the backs of their blues shirts! What's wrong with these people?!?


Dude, you better run. COC's almost here now, and he looks mad! I told you he was coming! Looks like he brought the Colonel too.

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