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2003 NYWG Leadership Encampment, Fort Drum, NY
26 July - 3 Aug 2003
Capt Daniel Stouch, Commanding

The 2003 Leadership Encampment at Fort Drum is "Continuing the Tradition of Excellence" in NY Wing encampments. We set the standard for encampments nationwide- the CAP encampment manual is based largely on our encampments!

Honor Line Staff Officer C/1st Lt Eric Schenck, Training OIC Honor Line Staff NCO C/MSgt Shannon Michel, Flight Sergeant Honor Executive Staff Officer C/1st Lt Jenniffer Frye, Admin OIC Honor Executive Staff NCO C/SMSgt Tracy McClure, Admin staff Honor Senior Staff Officer 2Lt Jacqueline Sturgess, Asst. Training Mentor Honor Asst Tac Officer C/Col Rebekah Strock Honor Cadet - NCO Academy - C/MSgt Valerie Marsh Honor Cadet - Charlie Flight - C/Amn Andrew Mehltretter Honor Cadet - Delta Flight - C/SSgt Natasha Sim Honor Cadet - Echo Flight - C/TSgt Timothy Moynihan Honor Cadet - Foxtrot Flight - C/TSgt Israel Matos Honor Cadet - Golf Flight - C/SrA Owen Reese Honor Cadet - Hotel Flight - C/Amn Brian Buke Honor Cadet - India Flight - C/Amn Yvonne Greco Honor Cadet - Juliet Flight - C/A1C Rory Yagerman Honor Cadet - Kilo Flight - C/MSgt Brady Rabine Honor Cadet Lima Flight - C/A1c David Ziegler Honor Cadet - Mike Flight - C/A1C Natasha Cohen Honor Cadet - November Flight - C/SSgt Marissa Weselak Encampment Honor Cadet - C/SSgt Natasha Sim (Delta Flight) Most Improved Cadet - C/TSgt Mathrew Smith (Kilo Flight) Warrior Flight - Charlie Flight Honor Squadron - Squadron 2 Honor Flight - NOVEMBER FLIGHT
November Flight roster: Honor Flight Commander - C/1st Lt David Ploegman Honor Flight Sergeant - C/2nd Lt Ming Hon Honor TAC Officer - SM Martin Plesser C/SSgt Joel Bouchard C/Amn Justin Brannock C/Amn Shawn Clark C/Amn Cody Clemons C/A1C Nick Gati C/MSgt Adam Gillon C/A1C Daniel Godshalk C/Amn Timothy Kennedy C/SrA Katherine Manfred C/Amn Paul Olivera C/A1C Krystyna Parenti C/Amn Jeffrey Swedenhjelm C/MSgt Oliver Thornton C/SSgt Marissa Weselak
Inspection scores will be posted here soon.

Our 'benchmark' encampment featured exciting opportunities such as the NCO academy, orientation flights on CAP aircraft, completion of the CAP model rocketry program, demonstrations of the power of the Air Force's A-10 on a live ammo target range, M1A1 Abrahms tank firing demonstration, the individually and team challenging obstacle course, as well as an outstanding classroom curriculum.

Cadets were expected to maintain military customs and courtesies, self-discipline, their barracks and bunks, as well as perform in drill and knowledge inspections and tests.

The encampment for in-flight cadets was from 26 July to 3 August, with the staff reporting 2 days earlier (24 July), and departing 4 August.

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