Frequently Asked Questions

What is an encampment?

What should I expect when I get there?

What kinds of equipment should I pack?

Can parents watch graduation?

Do I get to fly?

I heard PT is hard.  How much PT is there?

What is a "group leadership problem"?

When do I show up?

Do I have to get up at 0-dark-thirty?

If my ride is on staff and I am in flight, what will I do when I arrive early?

I am on cadet staff, is it OK for me to ride up with cadets in flight?

I don't have a ride.  What can I do?

Can I get a ride in the Mustang?

I have to leave early.  Is that possible?

I won't be able to come until the day after everyone else.  Is that OK?

Can seniors serve on staff for only a couple days?

I heard there was going to be a keg.  Is it Miller time?

What qualifications do I need to be on cadet staff?

What qualifications do I need to be on senior staff?

That Welsh guy is so cool.  Will I get to meet him, or ride in the Mustang?

Do I really need to pack a first aid kit?

How many sets of BDUs should I bring?

Will we be having a cadet dance?

What is the leadership workshop?  Does staff get chosen there?

Where is the staff skills workshop being held?

Will I be able to learn how to play the didjeridoo?

What items are prohibited for a cadet to bring?

What items are prohibited for a senior to bring?

Are cell phones and pagers OK to bring if I'm on cadet staff?

What kinds of food items are not allowed for cadet staff?

Can I bring my computer?

Do I have to clean toilets?

Can I go to the bathroom?

Is there a bus available?

Where do I find the funny photos?