And so it continues...

Taylor locks his room, the fire department has to come and climb into the 2nd floor window.  And he's proud of this?

"Hmm. I wonder if I should get up.. my flight is wandering around the encampment site unsupervised..."

Can you hear Barry White playing the background?

Pletts has mad rocketry skillz.

What a wacky bunch these TAC officers are!

It's always funny when the XO does this, no matter who it is, or what year it is.

Frye, calling Moe's tavern: "Can I speak to Jaques, last name Strap?"

What a wacky bunch those Training guys are!  
(Well, except Schenck (3rd from L), who was just being a wet blanket.  Sheesh.)

Looks like his ship has capsized.

 The many faces of Miller:

Pic 1: Stern.  Pic 2: Stern. Pic 3: Stern.  Pic 4: Stern. Yup. Many faces.

The line for rides forms to the right of the car...

No, Reynolds, you can't use the didjeridoo to shoot spitballs.

OK, so Miller is happy sometimes too.

First day.. the only day the training desk was clean...

We discussed your being a wet blanket already, Schenck.

Must.. not.. visit... Strongbad...

A scene that would be played out until 11:30 pm each night...
"C-130's tomorrow! You didn't put them in your draft schedule!"
(Next day) "C-130's in two hours are now cancelled!"
(Same day) "Not enough time for O-flights!"
(Same day) "Schedule is now on version 13!"


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