2004 NYWG Encampment
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Points of Contact
Capt Scott Ullery
Encampment Commander

Maj Marylou Falco
Encampment Registrar

C/Lt Col Charles Anderson
Cadet Commander

New York Wing
CAP National HQ
CAWG Cadet Programs

Capt Scott G. Ullery, Commanding

25-31 July 2004 (in-flight cadets)
23 July - 01 August (staff)

Due to ongoing deployments and redeployments, Ft. Drum was unable to provide lodging for this year's New York Wing Encampment. Encampment was conducted at Stratton ANGB in Scotia, NY, 25 - 30 July for in-flight cadets and 23 July - 01 August for staff.

Our 'benchmark' encampment featured exciting opportunities such as orientation flights aboard the C-130, tour of a USAF base, as well as an outstanding classroom curriculum. Over 100 cadets and seniors attended encampment this summer.

UPDATE (1/19/05): Encampment Photos finally added. Photos Page 1, Photos Page 2, and Humorous Photos are available. The 2004 Yearbook is available for download as well (Adobe PDF format).

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