Initials of the authors of the letters:

BB - LtCol. Blair Biddle

EG - 1Lt. Eric Gilmour

HG - Maj. Henry Grullon

SS - Capt. Steve Samuels

SU - Capt. Scott Ullery

AW - Capt. Andrew Welsh

PP - Capt. Phyllis Pruitt

JW - 1Lt. Joe Winter

That's right.. you know it.. our cadet programs are bigger and better than yours! Boo-ya!!


Date Letter Title/Subject Author
4 Nov 2008 (PDF) Cadet Program Awards Parameters SS
4 Nov 2008 (PDF) NYWG Cadet Competition SS
4 Nov 2008 (PDF) NYWG HMRS Application Process 2008 SS
4 Nov 2008 (PDF) NYWG NCSA Application Process 2008 SS
02 Apr 2000 Certified Mail at Wing HQ AW

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NY Wing Cadet Programs Newsletter Jan, 2001