Cadet of the year nomination status


I need an update on the status on your cadet of the year applications so we can get a feel for where the groups are with the paperwork.

Each group is highly recommended to have a cadet apply for the award, as each group has at least one Earhart cadet that is on the books, even if they aren't the group cadet of the year.

I need specifically:

  1. Who the cadet is
  2. Whether the additional paperwork is finished/turned in (cadet resume, reference letters, essay, cadet of the year form-CAPF 58)
  3. If you can, whether the cadet can make it to the review board on 12 FEB 2000. Don't go out of your way to find this out just yet- if you know definitely one way or the other, then pass that along.

Reminder: the paperwork is due at wing HQ by Tuesday, 8 Feb 2000.

Please respond to this note by 30 Jan 2000 (Sunday). I apologize to ADK, SCG and CNY groups for not sending this note directly to the cadet programs officers- I either do not have their names (CNY and SCG) or email (ADK).

Capt. Andrew Welsh
Assistant Director of Cadet Programs, North