Cadet Competition Team Letter of Intent


The Wing Cadet Programs office requests that groups planning on entering a team in the NY Wing cadet competition write a letter of intent stating that their group will be participating. An email may be sent to (Capt. Andrew Welsh) or (Henry Grullon), or written notification to wing headquarters.

Teams for Wing competition need only 12 members. Although you are encouraged to have 16 members, only 12 will be scored/judged at the cadet competition at Wing.

The letters of intent are due by Tuesday, 29 FEB 2000. The competition is scheduled for early June, tentatively 6 JUN 2000, location TBD (based on geography of entrants, i.e. if NYC and LIG were the only ones, the competition would be near NYC or Long Island).

I look forward to seeing most if not all of the groups participating in the Cadet Competition this year... (FYI, New York has not entered a team at region competition for at least the last two years).

Capt. Andrew Welsh
Assistant Director of Cadet Programs, NYW North