01 Feb 2002

               Grp CP
               Cadet or Composite Sq CC
               NCSA Applicants

      817 Stewart Avenue (Rear)
      Garden City, NY 11530-4856

SUBJECT: NYWG Certification and Rank Order for 2002 NCSA's

1.  Congratulations! Your application for National Cadet Special 
Activities (NCSA) has been certified by New York Wing Headquarters 
and has been forwarded to National Headquarters for consideration.
As a reminder, Cadets must be a C/SSgt by the start of the 
activity and have credit for encampment in order to participate.

2.  The list below reflects your ranking order for the wing 
certification. As you may already know, National Headquarters pays 
close attention to the ranking order when selecting cadets for all 
applied activities. Essentially, if you have a high ranking order 
and applied for three (3) activities, the chances that you will be 
accepted are much higher than those at the end of the ranking. 
Cadets that fell towards the end of the ranking order may experience 
being accepted to one (1) activity or accepted to different a location 
then what was chosen.

3.  A full report will be forwarded to your group headquarters 
which will outline errors that were found on your application. These 
errors are reported to your group for feedback and discussion with 
your unit commander. In some cases, cadets were not accepted for 
any NCSA (who's names will not appear on the list below) due to the 
number of errors found on the application. Application errors had a 
high impact on the rank order given.

4.  Cadets that did not list an e-mail address on the application 
will receive a letter by mail.  This email is being sent to the wing 
and the applicants separately.

NATIONAL CADET SPECIAL ACTIVITY.  National HQ will send their 
slotting announcements to NYWG Headquarters by 28 Feb 02 (Hawk Mountain 
acceptance information will come from PAWG HQ separately).  Refer to 
the November CAP news for more information, or

6.  If there are any questions, feel free to call me at (716) 889-8502 (H) 
or (716) 422-9732 (W), or email or the Director 
of Cadet Programs, Maj. Henry Grullon at 

                           Andrew J. Welsh, Capt., CAP 
                           NYW Ast. Dir. of Cadet Prog., North 

Attachment 1:

Rank  Grade     Last Name   First Name  Unit Group                 
1     C/Maj     Cucchiara   Adam        273  FINGER LAKES GROUP
2     C/2d Lt   Ayala       Raquel      159  SOUTH EASTERN GROUP
3     C/Capt    Kicera      Henry       273  FINGER LAKES GROUP
4     C/1st Lt  Model       Seth        404  CATSKILL MOUNTAIN 
5     C/2d Lt   Reed        Megan       135  CENTRAL NEW YORK GROUP
6     C/MSgt    Rossbach    Alexander   273  FINGER LAKES GROUP
7     C/SMSgt   Cecarelli   Christopher 219  SOUTH EASTERN GROUP
8     C/2d Lt   Taylor      Charles     388  ADIRONDACK MOUNTAIN 
9     C/2d Lt   Dringo      Joseph      292  FINGER LAKES GROUP
10    C/SSgt    Dufault     Alex        273  FINGER LAKES GROUP
11    C/MSgt    Kuchman     Ian         273  FINGER LAKES GROUP
12    C/2d Lt   Kubera      Colin       273  FINGER LAKES GROUP
13    C/2d Lt   Groff       Hollen      292  FINGER LAKES GROUP
14    C/Capt    Stamatinos  Gustin      159  SOUTH EASTERN GROUP
15    C/MSgt    Deisinger   Jared       135  CENTRAL NEW YORK GROUP
16    C/SSgt    Morris      Robert      354  FINGER LAKES GROUP  
17    C/2d Lt   Arie        Elizabeth   406  CENTRAL NEW YORK GROUP
18    C/MSgt    Konstabel   Jacob       354  FINGER LAKES GROUP
19    C/2d Lt   Trieman     Andrew      292  FINGER LAKES GROUP
20    C/CMSgt   Cummings    Daniel      394  MID-EASTERN GROUP
21    C/SMSgt   King        Nathan      354  FINGER LAKES GROUP
22    C/MSgt    Harris      Andrew      135  CENTRAL NEW YORK GROUP
23    C/2d Lt   Leaver      Michael     392  MID-EASTERN GROUP
24    C/CMSgt   Ahearn      Ian         404  CATSKILL MOUNTAIN 
25    C/CMSgt   Elliott     Ryan        153  LONG ISLAND GROUP
26    C/Capt    Mortimer    Missy       253  FINGER LAKES GROUP
27    C/CMSgt   Paquette    Mike        162  CENTRAL NEW YORK GROUP
28    C/SMSgt   Van Hise    A           072  CATSKILL MOUNTAIN 
29    C/SSgt    Hainsworth  Jeff        404  CATSKILL MOUNTAIN 
30    C/SMSgt   Getgen      Geoffrey    273  FINGER LAKES GROUP
31    C/MSgt    Ganczewski  Steven      116  WESTERN NEW YORK GROUP
32    C/SMSgt   Schenck     Eric        135  CENTRAL NEW YORK GROUP
33    C/SSgt    Murray      Robynn      116  WESTERN NEW YORK GROUP
34    C/SMSgt   Dalger      David       392  MID-EASTERN GROUP
35    C/SSgt    Boarman     Keith       273  FINGER LAKES GROUP
36    C/SSgt    Peppers     Michael     273  FINGER LAKES GROUP
37    C/1st Lt  Hasard      Thomas      408  CENTRAL NEW YORK GROUP
38    C/2d Lt   Happell     Ian         273  FINGER LAKES GROUP
39    C/SMSgt   Moessner    Christopher 392  MID-EASTERN GROUP
40    C/SMSgt   Georgia     Joseph      273  FINGER LAKES GROUP
41    C/2d Lt   Engle       Nicholas    162  CENTRAL NEW YORK GROUP
42    C/2d Lt   Maguire     Michael     392  MID-EASTERN GROUP
43    C/MSgt    Guldner     Kevin       394  MID-EASTERN GROUP
44    C/2d Lt   Liptrott    James       406  CENTRAL NEW YORK GROUP
45    C/TSgt    Stark       James       116  WESTERN NEW YORK GROUP
46    C/SMSgt   Cunningham  Ashley      273  FINGER LAKES GROUP
47    C/Capt    Martin      Alec        392  MID-EASTERN GROUP
48    C/SSgt    Scheuer     Matthew     135  CENTRAL NEW YORK GROUP
49    C/SSgt    Thompson    Tracy       402  WESTERN NEW YORK GROUP
50    C/Capt    Cuaton      Alroy       147  NEW YORK CITY GROUP
51    C/Capt    Hurlbut     Melissa     189  SOUTH CENTRAL GROUP
52    C/MSgt    Farruggella John        159  SOUTH EASTERN GROUP
53    C/SSgt    O'Neal      Robert      162  CENTRAL NEW YORK GROUP
54    C/Capt    Lee         Rosanna     147  NEW YORK CITY GROUP
55    C/SSgt    Kelly       Brendan     219  SOUTH EASTERN GROUP
56    C/SSgt    O'Quinn     Jesse       219  SOUTH EASTERN GROUP
57    C/SSgt    Galster     Christine   135  CENTRAL NEW YORK GROUP
58    C/2d Lt   Thomas      Joshua      135  CENTRAL NEW YORK GROUP
59    C/CMSgt   Tinston     Sean        072  CATSKILL MOUNTAIN 
60    C/1st Lt  Beiniks     Nick        073  MID-EASTERN GROUP
61    C/A1C     Flannigan   Shaun       404  CATSKILL MOUNTAIN 
62    C/SMSgt   Phillips    Brandon     173  WESTERN NEW YORK GROUP
63    C/Amn     Docherty    Thomas      394  MID-EASTERN GROUP
64    C/Amn     Castrechino Joseph      273  FINGER LAKES GROUP
65    C/SSgt    Connor      Jacob       020  WESTERN NEW YORK GROUP
66    C/SrA     Tierson     Tyler       273  FINGER LAKES GROUP
67    C/2d Lt   Jaromin     Robert      020  WESTERN NEW YORK GROUP
68    C/TSgt    Ramsingh    Steven      147  NEW YORK CITY GROUP
69    C/SMSgt   Taylor      Liam        020  WESTERN NEW YORK GROUP
70    C/SrA     Conschafter Scott       173  WESTERN NEW YORK GROUP
71    C/SrA     Smith       Eliot       238  SOUTH EASTERN GROUP
72    C/A1C     Worboys     Thomas      273  FINGER LAKES GROUP
73    C/SSgt    Scharlau    Sean        020  WESTERN NEW YORK GROUP
74    C/TSgt    Miklos      Alex        020  WESTERN NEW YORK GROUP
75    C/A1C     Kaminski    Alexander   273  FINGER LAKES GROUP
76    C/A1C     Mortensen   David       159  SOUTH EASTERN GROUP
77    C/SrA     Katz        Avrohom     384  NEW YORK CITY GROUP