11 Apr 2001 (*Edited 18 Apr 01)

MEMORANDUM FOR: All Cadets Applying For Encampment Staff

      817 Stewart Avenue (Rear)
      Garden City, NY 11530-4856

SUBJECT: Staff Selection Exercise (SSE)

1.  This year, the NY Wing Encampment is conducting a staff selection exercise 
from 11 May 01 to 13 May 01 at Stratton ANGB.  Cost for the weekend is $25.  
You must bring your BDU uniform, CAP books (leadership, aerospace, drill manual), 
a sleeping bag and warm clothes, and overnight items.  We will be sleeping in 
the “tent city” (wooden sheds) at Stratton.  It is VERY cold at night, and 
ground mats or twin sized air mattresses and warm clothing and sleeping bags 
are HIGHLY recommended.  Check-in time is before 2200 on Friday 11 May 01, 
with a check-out of 0930 on the 13th.  You are responsible for your 
transportation.  Click here for directions to Stratton ANGB. Hand carry 
a CAPF 31 filled out for this activity to check-in.

2.  The Staff selection exercise will comprise of tests of your skills, 
leadership and time management.  Practical tests are new for this year.  These 
practical tests will be based on your three choices for staff positions, and 
will examine your knowledge, ability and/or interest in a certain job.  They 
give you a taste of what the staff position will be like at encampment, so it 
is a try out for you too.  You will also attend the NY Wing Leadership Workshop, 
so there will be classroom instruction.  You will also be interviewed before 
and after the practical tests, giving you a chance to voice any changes in 
priorities of your choices - for example, if you really liked what PAO had to 
offer, you could adjust the priority.

3.  To prepare for the written test and interview, you will need to know basic 
CAP general knowledge, the chain of command from the NY Wing CC above, basic 
aerospace, drill and leadership, and you will need to read portions of the 
Encampment Training Manual (ETM) (to include staff position info, staff OI’s, 
and the Training Guide).  The ETM is posted on the encampment website under 
"staff resources".   Open the recommended reading file and see which parts you 
should read based on your choices in positions.  Stan/Eval and flight staff 
applicants will also be tested on their knowledge of the NYW Inspection 
standard (available at the same website).  No preparation is necessary for 
the practical tests.

4.  If you cannot access the webpage at home, most public libraries and schools 
have internet access.  Bring the web addresses on this memo to the library or 
school and someone will be able to assist you. Please, only ask for hard copies 
if you have exhausted every possibility.  It will be expected that you have 
reviewed these materials before the workshop.

5.  This memo (as well as any other) will be posted here.  Feel free to email 
me at or call me at 716-889-8502 if you have any questions.

                       Andrew J. Welsh, Capt., CAP 
                       NYW Assistant Director of Cadet Programs, North