ATTENTION: Grp CP


SUBJECT: Civic Leadership Academy Announced

Greetings Cadets,

The Civic Leadership Academy is now accepting applications from cadets who want to explore their government, investigate public service careers, and help Congressional leaders better understand CAP's value to America during CAP Legislative Day.

Civic Leadership Academy
Dates:  25 February - 4 March 2006
Location:  Washington DC
Fee:  $250
Applications due: 1 November 2005
Application Process:
1. By 1 November, submit a completed CAPF 31, endorsed by your Unit and The Wing Commander to HQ CAP.

2. Include a 1-page resume outlining your cadet program, aerospace, & emergency services experiences.

3. Include a typed, 250 - 350 word essay on one of the following topics:
    A. Identify two ways to participate in the political process, other than by voting.
         Describe why each of those activities is worthwhile.
    B. Explain why trust and confidence in government have declined in recent decades.
         Describe what effect, if any, that decline has had on civic life in America.

4. Include a recent photo of yourself wearing the AFstyle blue uniform.

5. Include a 1-page letter of recommendation from a teacher or senior member (other than a parent).

For details, visit the CLA website:

See the Activity description below:


Politics is more than campaigning for office: A political life is one of public service. 
The political sphere includes how people exercise their freedom, cooperate to help one 
another, and govern themselves.

The Civic Leadership Academy fosters cadet officers' civic growth by increasing their 
leadership skills, civic responsibility, and overall interest in the democratic process.

Not your average field trip to Washington, the academy is an opportunity for 24 of CAP's 
brightest cadets to explore their government and learn how the three branches and the 
media inter-relate. Cadets will increase their ability to lead persuasively, articulate 
a well-reasoned message, and develop a consensus for their position. Culminating with 
CAP's Legislative Day, CLA cadets will meet with Congressional leaders to help them better 
understand CAP's worth to America.

During their week in Washington, CLA cadets visit the Capitol, Supreme Court, State 
Department, CIA, plus major national monuments and the Air & Space Museum.

7.  If you have any questions or concerns, contact me via email at


                             Steven Samuels, Capt, CAP
                             NYWG Director of Cadet Programs

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