21 Nov 2000

               Grp CP
               Cadet or Composite Sq CC

      817 Stewart Avenue (Rear)
      Garden City, NY 11530-4856

SUBJECT: NY Wing Cadet of the Year (NYW COY) 2000 Applications

1.  The Captain James "Burr" Reddig Jr., USAF Memorial Award 2000 application 
process will be identical to last year.  One cadet from each group will be 
submitted to wing as a COY applicant.  The applicant must have earned the 
Mitchell Award on or before 29 FEB 00 (and be of any age) to be eligible for 
the NY Wing COY. The cadet selected as the NYW COY that are at least a junior 
in high school and a C/Captain are eligible for NER COY.  The COY receives 
$10,000 in scholarship money ($2,500 per year, 4 years) for schooling and/or 
flying lessons, as well as recognition at the Wing Conference, their name 
permanently placed on the plaque kept at Wing HQ, and is entered for Northeast 
Region Cadet of the Year (if eligible).

2. All applications that do not contain these items will not be considered- 
be sure to have everything.  Applications will include, unbound (i.e. no 
a. 2 copies of CAPF 58 (link is to CAP Forms webpage, requires Winzip) b. 1 photograph (MUST be in uniform, MUST be full-body-length, in blues) c. 2 copies of Cadet Resume (link is for download in Word 97, PC format) d. A maximum of three (3) letters of recommendation, any source e. A transcript of high school or college grades from the 1999-2000 academic year is required (or a note indicating the applicant is not in school this year, in which case include the most recent transcript) f. A one (1) page (one side of one sheet of paper, single spaced) essay explaining why the cadet feels they should be selected as the NY Wing Cadet of the Year g. Applicants must identify a senior member who was their primary mentor in the 2000 calendar year, and write a brief (~1 paragraph) summary of how this senior mentored them. Include the senior's name, grade and unit.
3. The NY Wing COY review boards will be conducted on 13 January 2001, starting at 1000, tentatively scheduled at Stratton ANGB. More information will be provided as the location is firmed up. The cadet from LIG will be interviewed after 1300 hours, and cadets from all other groups will be interviewed starting at 1000 hours. Cadets that cannot attend in person for extreme extenuating circumstances may do a phone interview on 13 January 2001 (same day, details to come). The WNY COY, because of the WNY ball, may call in if they are attending the ball. 4. In case of inclement weather, the review board will be conducted the following week on 20 January 2001, location TBD. In this case, the WNY COY would be expected to attend in person, and would be interviewed after 1300 like LIG. Groups and squadrons will be notified via email, and cadets will be given phone calls (if all phone numbers have been filled out on the cadet résumés) 5. Groups are expected to conduct their COY review boards between November and mid-December, with applications due at wing by 31 DEC 00. It would be appreciated if groups forwarded just the names to NYW CP ahead of the application package, but this is not required. Groups may conduct their group COY review boards in any manner they choose. 6. If there are any questions, feel free to call me at 716-334-1011, or email or the Director of Cadet Programs, Maj. Henry Grullon at Andrew J. Welsh, Capt., CAP NYW Ast. Dir. of Cadet Prog., North Attachments: 1 - Blank CAPF 58 (link is to CAP Forms webpage, requires Winzip) 2 - Blank Cadet Resume form