21 Nov 2000


      817 Stewart Avenue (Rear)
      Garden City, NY 11530-4856

SUBJECT: National Cadet Special Actvities (NCSA) 2001 Application Procedure

1.  Once again, CAP National HQ is able to provide cadets with a plethora 
of national activities this summer.  The CAP News will have a pull out section 
in November or December detailing each activity and their dates and costs.  
NY Wing looks forward to representing it's cadet program positively to the 
nation again this year.  There are several important changes to the application 
procedure from last year- foremost is the application packages will go to the 
assistant director of cadet programs instead of wing HQ.  Groups from the north 
(ADK, FLG, WNY, SCG, CNY) will send to Capt. Welsh (CPAN), and from the south 
(LIG, NYC, MEG, SEG, CMG) will send to 1Lt Winter (CPAS).

2.  Applications must include two (2) copies of CAPF 31 with one photo in 
uniform (passport size OK).  National HQ has certain restrictions outlined in 
the CAP News pullout and the CAP NHQ CP webpage.  Important highlights of these 
restrictions: Cadet Officer School is for cadet officers only- they must appear 
on the MML with the Mitchell Award (C/2Lt) by 31 December 00.  Also, cadets 
applying for International Air Cadet Exchange must appear on the MML as having 
earned the Earhart Award (C/Capt.) by 31 December 00 in order to apply.  A 
separate memo will be sent detailing the IACE procedure.

2.  NY Wing has additional requirements above and beyond what National HQ 
specifies.  First and foremost, cadets must have the grade of C/SSgt AND have 
attended at least one encampment when applying.  Second, Hawk Mountain 
has a minimum age of 16, per orders of Col. Greenhut, Wing CC.

3.  Due to a large volume of applications, gross technical errors in the package 
and cadets not meeting the minimums prescribed above will be criteria used in 
eliminating applicants. Senior members may apply to most NCSA's- guidelines and 
participation levels are outlined in the CAP News NCSA pullout.  Cadet staff 
positions are available at several activities; again, see the CAP News pullout. 
IACE and Hawk Mt must have their own separate CAPF 31's fron the other NCSA's.  
Example: If a cadet applies for Hawk Mt, PJOC and AETCFC, they must have 2 CAPF 31's.

4.  Groups will conduct their own NCSA review boards (IACE excluded).  A complete 
package has been developed, and examines the cadet's uniform, general CAP and 
current events knowledge, knowledge of the activity applied for, as well as some 
open ended questions.  ALL GROUPS WILL USE WING'S QUESTIONS.  This 
year, all groups will use the scoring criteria provided, questions provided and 
will return the score per the scoring system included in the package.  These scores 
are used to weigh all applicants across the wing evenly- this can only be done if 
all applicants are scored equally.  Groups will then write their scores on the 
applicant's CAPF 31, and include on a separate sheet a list of the board member's 
names and ranks.  Ideally, groups would forward a single batch to the CPAN or CPAS.

5.   Packages with sample CAPF 31's and cadet resumes, questions and scoring 
criteria will be sent via email and hard copy to the groups around 15 November 00.  
Groups are expected to conduct their review boards between late November and 
mid-December, with applications mailed to the Assistant Director of Cadet Programs 
in your respective half of the state by 31 DEC 00.  Further memos detailing this 
will follow. 

                           Andrew J. Welsh, Capt., CAP 
                           NYW Ast. Dir. of Cadet Prog., North 

1 - Sample CAPF 31 correctly filled out
2 - CAPF 31 Deductions (in Word 97, PC format)