817 Stewart Avenue (Rear)
Garden City, NY 11530-4856

10 Dec 2003



SUBJECT: International Air Cadet Exchange (IACE) 2004 Application Procedure

1.  IACE is an exciting opportunity for both cadets and senior members to
represent our country to youth aviation programs worldwide.  All cadets
who turn 17 by 1 July 2004, and will have earned the Earhart Award by 31
December 2003 are invited by CAPís National Commander, the HQ CAP staff
and our NY Wing Commander to apply for the International Air Cadet Exchange.
This distinction can only be bestowed upon the best cadets in the nation,
and consequently, New York is only able to nominate two cadets for the
activity.  The United States Air Force, Civil Air Patrol and the host
countries provide air transportation, lodging and meals.† However,
participants should be prepared to spend approximately $700 on uniforms
and other essentials.

2.  National HQ has special instructions outlined in the November CAP
News pullout and the CAP NHQ CP website link
Approximately 77 cadets will be selected to participate in the 2004 exchange.
15 senior member escorts will be needed to accompany cadets.† Individuals
will be selected to visit one of the following 12 countries:† Australia,
Belgium, Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, the Netherlands, New Zealand,
Singapore, Sweden, Turkey or the United Kingdom.† In addition to being
the guests of a foreign country, most participants selected will spend two
days getting to know their government and discovering their heritage in
Washington, D.C.† Personnel should plan to begin their travels around 15
July and return home on 4 August, unless selected for Singapore.† NOTE:
Those selected for Singapore will travel on 27 May and return 12 June.
Therefore, you must specifically request Singapore to be considered for
that exchange.

3.  This yearís application procedures for IACE are:† Interested cadets
and senior members apply using the CAP Form 31 and the same application
procedures as listed for the other national activities. NY Wing has
additional requirements above and beyond what National HQ specifies (a
new NYWG policy forthcoming).  New York Wing HQ, makes the additional
requirement of a CAP Resume with photo be attached to the Form 31.
Also, Groups will not be required to conduct review boards for IACE,
but upon receipt of Form 31 and CAP Resume with photo, from Squadron
Commanders, will forward a single batch to Capt. Phyllis T. Pruitt, NYW
Director of Cadet Programs, 84 Halsey Street, Islandia, New York 11749,
postmarked no later than 15 Jan 04. (You may Express-Mail to this address).
Or you may forward your single batch to CIVIL AIR PATROL Civil Air Patrol,
United States Air Force Auxiliary New York Wing Headquarters, 817 Stewart
Avenue (Rear), Garden City NY 11530-4856

4.  On-line applicants will be sent a supplemental application package
that must be completed and returned electronically by 15 January.†Cadets
selected to participate must have earned their Amelia Earhart Award by
31 December 2003.† Cadets must be at least 17 years of age before 1 July
2004, and will not have reached their 21st birthday by the forth day of
August Escorts must be at least 25 years old, in excellent health and
meet CAP physical and appearance standards.

5.  Wing and Region Commanders will be sent a list of all applicants
for their approval and the New York Wing IACE review boards will be
conducted at a time and location TBA.  The goal of this excellent and
rewarding opportunity is to foster international understanding, goodwill
and friendship

6.  If you have any questions or concerns, contact the Director of Cadet
Programs via e-mail at or via phone at (631)

                             FOR THE COMMANDER,

                             Phyllis T. Pruitt, Capt., CAP
                             NYW Director of Cadet Programs

1 - Blank Cadet Resume form