817 Stewart Avenue (Rear)
Garden City, NY 11530-4856

11 Dec 2003

               Grp CP


SUBJECT: National Cadet Special Activity (NCSA) 2004 Application Procedure

1. This year’s application procedures will build on the on-line system
we tested last year.  We are still using the CAP Form 31. Go to the CAP
home page,, position the mouse pointer over 'Members' then
click 'e-Services' from the menu, which will get you to the e-Services Login
screen.  Login to e-Services and click the 'NCSA Menu' to apply for special
activities. As you follow the instructions for entering your requested
activities, you will also get to check  (and correct if necessary) your
address, contact information, and personal characteristics that NHQ has
on file. All cadets must attend a group review board and receive a score
in order to be rank-ordered in the wing.

2. When you have completed the application, you will be asked to perform
several functions. First, electronically submit your application to NHQ
on-line. (When you have completed, reviewed and printed your form 31, it
will automatically be transmitted to NHQ electronically)  Second, print
the application and have both the 'Release Agreement' and 'Release by Parent
or Guardian' blocks signed by your parent or guardian.  Third, forward the
printed and signed copy of the Form 31 to your Squadron Commander. The form
will be reviewed at the squadron, forwarded to the Group Commander, then to
The NYW Director of Cadet Programs for ranking. IF YOUR FORM 31 IS NOT
ACTIVITY. For personnel applying for 'staff' positions, please mark the Form
31 appropriately. Note that acceptance for the activity is not necessarily
acceptance to a staff position.  The activity director will review staff
applications and contact those accepted directly. For cadets applying for
more than one NCSA, please clearly indicate your desired preference, in
order, on the second page of the application.  Otherwise, NHQ will assign
the preference order at random. Late applications (those received after
December 31st) will be accepted if they have been reviewed and approved by
the Squadron and Wing.  However, they will not be forwarded to the activity
director until all those who applied on time have had an opportunity to be
slotted and respond for payment and confirmation of attendance. For all
cadets applying to any activity: You must have encampment credit prior to
attending any NCSA. If NHQ does not have a record of encampment completion
prior to the date of the activity, then you will have to show the Activity
Director your encampment completion certificate prior to the start of the
national activity. Note:  NHQ does not process the applications for the Hawk
Mountain SAR School, Space Camp, Aviation Challenge, and EAA Air Academy.
Please follow the guidelines for these programs found later in The November
newsletter. Notification of the slotting results will be by email on February
28th.  Additionally, the list will be posted on the Cadet Programs web site.
The slotting lists will show primaries (those that have a definite slot if
payment is made) and alternates (those that may get an opportunity to attend
if primaries drop out). Personnel slotted as primary attendees will have
until March 31st 2004 to submit their payment in full to NHQ for all NCSAs
except the NESA.  (The Academy Director and Project Officer coordinate all
fees and slots for NCSA and will provide guidance for payment in the welcome
letter).  Applicants whose payment has not been received by March 31st will
become alternates and their primary slots
will be offered to other alternates.

3.  NY Wing has additional requirements above and beyond what National HQ
specifies (a new NYWG policy forthcoming).  First and foremost, cadets must
have the grade of C/SSgt AND have attended at least one encampment when
applying.  Insufficient grade or no encampment appearing in the CAPWATCH
NHQ database are an automatic disqualification.  Second, Hawk Mountain has
a minimum age of 16, per orders of NYWG CC.  Lets not set a bad example for
the cadets by lying and putting C/SSgt on the application when they are a
C/SrA and "just about to promote".

4.  Due to a large volume of applications, gross technical errors in the
package and cadets not meeting the minimums prescribed the above will be
the criteria used in eliminating applicants. Senior members may apply to
most NCSA's- guidelines and participation levels will be outlined in the
CAP News NCSA pullout.  Cadet staff positions are available at several
activities; again, see the CAP News pullout. Hawk Mt and several other
activities must have their own separate CAPF 31's from the other NCSA's.
Example: If a cadet applies for Hawk Mt, PJOC and AETCFC, they must have
2 sets CAPF 31's – the first set is for Hawk Mt and the second for PJOC
and AETCFC; again, follow the guidelines of the CAP News pullout.

5.  Groups will conduct their own NCSA review boards.  A complete package
has been developed and examines the cadet's uniform, general CAP and
current events knowledge, knowledge of the activity applied for, as well
as some open ended questions.  ALL GROUPS WILL USE WING'S QUESTIONS.  All
groups will use the scoring criteria provided, questions provided and
will return the score per the scoring system included in the package.
Cadets who do not attend a review board will score zero, and likely wil
be ranked last in the wing, regardless of qualifications. These scores
are used to weigh all applicants across the Wing evenly. Groups will
then write their scores on the applicant's CAPF 31, and include on a
separate sheet a list of the board member's names and ranks.  Review
board packages have been emailed out to all groups.

6.  Most of our NCSAs allow senior members to apply as escorts and a few
allow for full senior member participation. Senior members applying for
any of the NCSAs must follow the same procedures as the cadets and use
the Form 31.  Mark the word 'SENIOR' in the top left hand corner of the
form 31.  Deadlines for senior member applications to assist as staff
members are the same as cadets. Senior member applicants are required
to appear before a Wing review board. Seniors who do not attend a review
board will score zero, and likely will be ranked last in the wing,
regardless of qualifications.

7.  Groups are expected to conduct their review boards between mid-December
and 15 January 04. Upon completion of the review board, all groups will
forward a single batch to Capt. Phyllis T. Pruitt, NYW Director of Cadet
Programs, 84 Halsey Street, Islandia, New York 11749, postmarked by 18
Jan 04. (You may Express-Mail to this address). Or you may forward your
single batch to CIVIL AIR PATROL Civil Air Patrol, United States Air
Force Auxiliary New York Wing Headquarters, 817 Stewart Avenue (Rear),
Garden City NY 11530-4856

6.  If you have any questions or concerns, contact the Director of Cadet
Programs via e-mail at or via phone at (631)

                             FOR THE COMMANDER,

                             Phyllis T. Pruitt, Capt., CAP
                             NYW Director of Cadet Programs