1999 New York Wing Encampment

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A-10 Close Air Support (CAS) live fire demo
Admin at CAS
Admin NCO rests while waiting at CAS mission site
Anita Martin
Maj. Anita Martin, Encampment Commander
Ariano with cadet
C/Maj. Ariano with a cadet during inprocessing
Lt. Bradley
Lt. Bradley, TAC Officer
Brodsky and PAO
Cadet Commander (Brodsky), Base PA Officer, and
Cadet PAO (Reilly) helping with local news broadcast

C/Lt Col Cramer carries the Cadet XO's two-diamond guidon

Command and control sergeant gives safety brief at CAS live fire range

Cadets Couts, Foo and Leonard

Cadets Cramer and Dubuque and Lt Paeper

C/MSgt Dabney, the Operations OIC, from National Capital Wing

Executive staff (part of)

F-16 at CAS range firing cannon

Some Flight Commanders...

Some Flight Sergeants...very evil

Evening formation, lined up

Evening formation, Squadron I CC

Evening formation, Squadron II CC

Evening formation, Cadet command staff

C/2Lt Genser

1st Sgt C/MSgt Gibbons

Commandant of Cadets, Capt. Grullon, with his attached bullhorn

C/Capt Hawkes hard at work

Some members of Stan/Eval Team (SET)- Cadets Horn, Radcliffe and Smith

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