1999 New York Wing Encampment

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Commandant of Cadets, Capt. Grullon,
giving dirty look to photographer on bus
welsh schachner
Capt. Welsh (webmaster) and LtCol. Schachner, MLO
C/LtCol. Horn, Stan/Eval Team (SET) Officer In Charge (OIC)
Rocco Phillips Wolinsky
Cadets Rocco, Phillips (in back) and Wolinsky
India Flight Staff
India Flight staff- Cadets Roberts and Fallon (L to R)
Cadet Ingbith
Keiloch Dorans
Cadets Keiloch and Dorans glad to see the cadets inprocess
Keiloch Price
Keiloch and Price maintaining watch over the radio
Log with keys
Cadet Frost (Logistics) collects the keys, while the cadet staff
hides their spare copies (and then the seniors find them
during contraband searches ;-)
Phan 01
Cadet Phan hard at work in PAO
Medical staff ends up on crutches
How the medical staff feels about being on crutches
Peg Jennings
Maj. Peg Jennings, Encampment Deputy Commander
and Getter-of-all-things-on-base
Cadet Perry- chillin'
Phan 02
Cadet Phan (honor exec staff NCO)
working in the field at the CAS range
Cadet Phillips, genius
LtCol (SMSgt, USAF Ret.) Biddle - "Pops"
Cadet Price hanging ten, dude
Radcliffe Smith
Cadets Radcliffe and Smith, SET members,
observing and evaluating cadets
C/TSgt Rocco, Hotel Flight Sergeant (quite famous...)
SET Meeting
Stan/Eval gangs up on a flight commander during drill
SET Monkey
The SET monkey on Cadet Smith's back
Stebbins Cullity
Cadet and Senior XO- LtCol's Stebbins and Cullity, respectively
Rocco 02
Cadet Rocco eats one of the CAS range practice bombs
Cadet Stoehl, Echo flight sergeant (NCO academy)
Stebbins 01
Cadet Stebbins, XO, hard at work in his office
Capt. Sussle, encampment Admin officer
Iceman 2
"Iceman 2" - one of two command and control airmen
"volunteered" to drive our buses
(they liked CAP and their job after two days)
Cadet West, SET member, taking a break
Cadet Wolinsky, Hotel Flight Commander, on the bus
Hawkes 02
Cadet Hawkes goofing off...
Wojtowicz Hughes
LtCol's Wojtowicz and Hughes, assisting with orientation flights

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