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NYW Encampment History

1999 NYW Leadership Encampment, Fort Drum, NY
29 June - 10 July 2000
Lt Col Anita Martin, Commanding

123 in flight cadets, 68 cadet staff members, and 41 senior members took part in this years encampment. Staff arrived on July 8 to prepare and plan for the upcoming week's events. Cadets arrived on July 10 in the afternoon. 

Upon arrival, cadets in-processed and immediately were sent to their barracks to unpack. After a taste of Army food and a welcoming meeting at the Army's Rapid Deployment Facility, the cadets had almost non stop activities and classes. The First Sergeants woke everyone up at 0530 for Physical Training. From there the Training staff filled up most of the days with classes on Leadership, Aerospace, the military, opportunities in the military, and many other fascinating topics. 

While attending classes during the day, the Standards and Evaluations Team (SET) was hard at work inspecting the cadets' barracks, drill of each flight, and cadets' uniforms. For a break from the normal routine cadets went to the base PX, an M-16 firing range, a military confidence course, took orientation flights in CAP planes, and were lucky enough to see A-10s and F-16s practice bombing runs. 

By the end of the encampment the cadets in flight were hard working teams. Inspection scores improved, teamwork grew, and new friends were made. The encampment ended with a Class A inspection. Each flight was inspected in drill, uniforms, barracks appearance, and had to give a presentation to the Training Staff. From there they went to the cadet social at the bowling alley where they were allowed to relax a bit. 

The final day involved an awards ceremony and Pass in Review. The highlight of this event was 5 C-130s circling the parade field before landing at Wheeler-Sack Air Base.

Below: The 20th ASOS takes target practice at one of the many ranges at Ft. Drum.

Cadet Awards for 1999 Encampment
(grades reflect person's grade on 18 Jul 1999)

Honor Cadet - Alpha Flight      C/AB Jordan Trezza
Honor Cadet  Bravo Flight      C/A1C Lauren Andrews
Honor Cadet  Charlie Flight    C/MSgt Nicholas Falcicchio
Honor Cadet  Delta Flight      C/SrA Matthew Groff
Honor Cadet  Echo Flight       C/SSgt Stephen Simmons
Honor Cadet  Foxtrot Flight    C/SrA Melissa Hurlbut
Honor Cadet  Golf Flight       C/SrA Bradley Albert
Honor Cadet  Hotel Flight      C/SSgt Kevin Christner
Honor Cadet  India Flight      C/TSgt Christopher Nations
Honor Cadet  Juliet Flight     C/A1C Anthony Nistico

Encampment Honor Flight:        Golf
Honor Flight Commander C/Maj Michael Ariano, Golf Flight Commander Honor Flight Sergeant C/SSgt Paul Dolce, Golf Flight Sergeant
Honor Flight Tac Officer 2d Lt Wayne Busch, Golf Flight TAC Officer Honor Flight Member C/Amn Matthew Mosher 
Honor Flight Member C/AB Cory Martin 
Honor Flight Member C/A1C Gustin Stamatinos 
Honor Flight Member C/A1C John Phelps 
Honor Flight Member C/Amn Thomas Truesdell 
Honor Flight Member C/SSgt Joseph Dringo 
Honor Flight Member C/AB Matthew Peckman 
Honor Flight Member C/Amn Derrick Pressley 
Honor Flight Member C/SSgt Sean McQuade 
Honor Flight Member C/Amn Christofer Garner 
Honor Flight Member C/A1C Michael Leaver 
Honor Flight Member C/TSgt Gregory Farrell
Most Improved Cadet C/AB Ryan Turnbull 
Honor Staff NCO (Flt) C/MSgt Gregg Gibbons, First Sergeant 
Honor Staff Officer (Flt) C/Maj Michael Ariano, Golf Flight Commander 
Honor Staff NCO (Exec) C/SrA Michael Phan, Public Affairs 
NCO Honor Staff Officer (Exec) C/Capt Brian Hawkes, Administration OIC

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