New York Wing Encampment History

List of New York Wing's prior encampments, in reverse chronological order: (mail to add to or correct this list)

Contributors to this list: Randy Anger, Barbara Burns, George Burns, Jim Capozzi, Dennis Fichtel, Eugene Kirshner, Michael Lanckton, Terry LeFeber, Eric Litt, Patrick Magee, Hector Marcayda, Robert Kantor, Pete Turecek, Andrew Welsh.. many thanks!!!

# Cadet
of Cadets*
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Numbers higlighted in pink represent approximate values, not actuals.
2013Scotia ANGB, NYGeneral14548Lt Col Charles MillerMaj Diana HyattC/Lt Col Stephanie Hyatt
2012Scotia ANGB, NYGeneral14550Capt Benjamin NodarLt Col Charles MillerC/Lt Col Stephanie Hyatt
2011Scotia ANGB, NYGeneral14152Capt Benjamin NodarLt Col Charles MillerC/Lt Col Bethany Roczen
2010Scotia ANGB, NYGeneral12851Capt Benjamin NodarCapt John BlauveltC/Lt Col Austin Rivera
2009Scotia ANGB, NYGeneral12851Capt Benjamin NodarCapt John BlauveltC/Lt Col Adam Henery
2008Scotia ANGB, NYGeneral12851Maj Randy AngerCapt Benjamin NodarC/Lt Col Jacob Miller
2007Scotia ANGB, NYGeneral12349Maj Randy AngerMaj Dan BrodskyC/Lt Col Charlise Brooks
2006Scotia ANGB, NYGeneral11548Maj Randy AngerCapt Dan BrodskyC/Lt Col Daniel Wawrzyniak
2005Scotia ANGB, NYGeneral12044Capt Scott Ullery1st Lt David LankfordC/Col Gustin Stamatinos
2004Scotia ANGB, NYGeneral6028Capt Scott UlleryCapt Chuck MillerC/Lt Col Charles Anderson
2003Fort Drum, NYGeneral21070Capt Daniel StouchCapt Scott UlleryC/Lt Col Rosanna Lee
2002Fort Drum, NYGeneral19151Capt Daniel StouchCapt Chuck MillerC/Lt Col Rebekah Strock
2001Fort Drum, NYGeneral10855Lt Col Anita MartinCapt Andrew WelshC/Col Justin Couts
2000Fort Drum, NYGeneral17362Lt Col Anita MartinCapt Eric GilmourC/Lt Col Spencer Horn
1999Fort Drum, NYGeneral12268Maj Anita MartinMaj Henry GrullonC/Lt Col Dan Brodsky
1998Fort Drum, NYGeneral12045Maj Anita MartinCapt Henry GrullonC/Lt Col Scott Ullery
1997Fort Drum, NYGeneral12845Lt Col Randy SteinCapt Andrew WelshC/Lt Col Tim Maher
1996Fort Drum, NYGeneral11744Lt Col Randy Stein1st Lt Henry GrullonC/Lt Col Christina Barbato
1995Fort Drum, NYGeneral7937Maj Charles CohenMaj Greg WinquistC/Lt Col Kevin Dehner
1994Fort Drum, NYLeadership8035Maj Charles CohenCapt Greg WinquistC/Lt Col George Berghorn
1994Camp Smith, NYES10043Lt Col Janet SchachnerMaj Michael OrrC/Lt Col Jeremy McKenzie
1993Camp Smith, NYES10035Lt Col Janet SchachnerMaj Michael OrrC/Lt Col Henry Grullon
1992Plattsburgh AFB, NYLeadership9634Lt Col Joy NelsonCapt Gabe GongC/Lt Col Jennifer Chan
1992Camp Smith, NYES10345Lt Col Janet SchachnerMaj Michael OrrC/Lt Col Jennifer Connal
1991Plattsburgh AFB, NYLeadership13231Maj Robert KantorCapt Ed RabassaC/Lt Col Philip Wend
1991Camp Smith, NYES10035Lt Col Janet Schachner1st Lt Blair BiddleC/Lt Col Stacy Wend
1990Plattsburgh AFB, NYLeadership11031Maj Robert KantorCapt Ed FrancoC/Lt Col M Scott Dauenhower
1990Camp Smith, NYES6442Capt Barbara Cardell1st Lt Blair BiddleC/Lt Col Philip Wend
1989Plattsburgh AFB, NYLeadership9542Capt Edward GarbatyCapt Ed FrancoC/Col Demetri Capetanopoulos
1989Stewart ANGB, NYES3515Lt Col Joy Nelson  
1989Niagara Falls AFB, NYAerospace4615Maj Robert Kantor1st Lt Matt SpiesC/Lt Col Greg Winquist
1988Plattsburgh AFB, NYLeadership13828Maj Anthony MoyeCapt Ed FrancoC/1st Lt Michael Lanckton
1988Stewart ANGB, NYES     
1988Niagara Falls AFB, NYAerospace4016Capt Charles Erckert1st Lt Paul KleinC/Lt Col Jon Stroebel
1987Plattsburgh AFB, NYLeadership16428Lt Col Joy NelsonCapt Robert KantorC/LtCol Gabe Gong
1987Stewart ANGB, NYES868Lt Col Joy NelsonCapt Austyn GranvilleC/Capt Jason Corrado
1987Niagara Falls AFB, NYAerospace3616Maj Randy AngerCapt Charles ErckertC/Lt Col Michael Senseney
1986Plattsburgh AFB, NYLeadership15028Lt Col John MarekCapt Robert KantorC/Col Raymond Statts
1986Stewart ANGB, NYES445Capt Joseph MarinoCapt Austyn GranvilleC/LtCol Adam Corrado
1986Niagara Falls AFB, NYAerospace4515Lt Col Steven GullbergCapt Robert KantorC/Col Russel Powley
1985Plattsburgh AFB, NYGeneral  Lt Col John Marek1st Lt Donald PrinceC/Lt Col John Himmelright
1984Plattsburgh AFB, NYLeadership17228Lt Col John MarekLt Col Bob BartlettC/Col Hector Marcayda
1984Fort Drum, NYType B (Apr)40-6013Maj Martha Tuffs C/Capt Raymond Staats
1983Plattsburgh AFB, NYLeadership15518Lt Col Jo CordoneLt Col Bob BartlettC/Lt Col Hector Marcayda
1983Fort Drum, NYType B (Apr)40-6013   
1982Plattsburgh AFB, NYLeadership13015Lt Col Jo CordoneLt Col Bob BartlettC/Col Robert Kantor
1982Dunkirk, NYType B3512Lt Col Steven GullbergMaj Randy AngerC/Col Robert Kantor
1982Fort Drum, NYType B (Apr)40-6013Maj Martha TuffsMaj Art Fournier USAFC/Maj Edward Pitt
1981Plattsburgh AFB, NYGeneral20032Lt Col Jo CordoneLt Col Bob BartlettC/Lt Col Robert Kantor
1980Plattsburgh AFB, NYGeneral  Lt Col John MarekLt Col Bob BartlettC/Lt Col Jim McKenna
1979Plattsburgh AFB, NYGeneral20729Lt Col Edward LefeberMaj William SlackC/Col Bill Moriarity
1978Plattsburgh AFB, NYGeneral20029Lt Col Bob Bartlett1st Lt William Betz 
1977Plattsburgh AFB, NYGeneral20029Lt Col Eric Litt  
1976Plattsburgh AFB, NYGeneral/Leadership12022   
1975Plattsburgh AFB, NYGeneral/Leadership12022Lt Col Eric Litt  
1974Plattsburgh AFB, NYGeneral/Leadership12022Lt Col Eric Litt  
1973Plattsburgh AFB, NYGeneral   Lt Col Bob BartlettC/Lt Col Reinaldo Hernandez
1972Stewart AFS, NYGeneral12022 Lt Col Ruth LeiboldC/Lt Col Patrick Magee
1972Plattsburgh AFB, NYGeneral20032 Capt Kent HemphillC/Lt Col Dave DeLucia
1971Plattsburgh AFB, NYGeneral (2nd in 1971)15035 Maj Bob BartlettC/Lt Col James Capozzi
1971Plattsburgh AFB, NYGeneral (1st in 1971)20033Lt Col James O'NiellCapt Michael MontagnaC/Lt Col Dennis Fichtel
1970Grenier Air Force Station, NHGeneral (2nd in 1970)161 Lt Col Eric LittMaj Josephine CordoneC/Lt Col David Waltos
1970Grenier Air Force Station, NHGeneral (1st in 1970)  Lt Col James O'NeilCapt Bob BartlettC/Lt Col Richard Harris
1969Camp Smith, NYGeneral   1Lt Ed WildayC/Lt Col William Ryan
1968Griffiss AFB, NYGeneral20529Lt Col William Smith1Lt Ed WildayC/Lt Col Andrew Medler
1965-67Griffiss AFB, NYGeneral     
1964Plattsburgh AFB, NYGeneral41250Maj Frank WarhusWO1 Ronald Blazejewski 
1963Griffiss AFB, NYGeneral  Lt Col J H Rene Lepel? C/Lt Col Delores Grover
1962Griffiss AFB, NYGeneral  Lt Col J H Rene Lepel C/Lt Col Carolyn Hayes
1961Griffiss AFB, NYGeneral  Lt Col J H Rene LepelWO1 Robert Hill 
1960Mitchel AFB, NYGeneral  Lt Col James Redding  
1959 General  Col Jess Strauss? C/Lt Col William Bohacks?
1958 General     
1957Plattsburgh AFB, NYLeadership  Lt Col Jess StraussCapt Howard Bass 
1956Grenier AFB, NHGeneral  Lt Col Michael J Verman  
1955Sampson AFB, NYLeadership59918Lt Col Michael J VermanMaj Santo MarinoC/1st Lt Eugene Kirshner
1954Sampson AFB, NYLeadership     
* - Names and ranks of encampment commander, COC and Cadet Commander are the names and ranks the individuals had while at the activity