NYWing 2001 Encampment
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FrequentlyAsked Questions (FAQ's)

Cadet FAQ:
Q: What grade do I need to have in order to attend?
A: You must be a Cadet Airman (C/A - one stripe) in order to attend.  This is per CAPR 52-16.

Q: What happens if I am not a C/Airman?
A:  You will be sent home from the encampment site and your money refunded.

Q: What do I need to know before I go?
A: You must know what a Cadet Airman needs to know in order to get promoted; customs and courtesies, reporting procedure, basic drill movements, proper grooming and uniform wear.  The rest you will learn.

Q: What can I do to better prepare myself?
A:  Be in physical shape.  Learn chain of command.  Learn basic CAP history. Be prepared to learn, and ready to follow.  Higher ranking cadets may get in-flight leadership positions.

Q: What do I show up in?
A: You will recieve an information package in the mail before encampment.  It will explain what you should wear at arrival.

Q: Will I do any fun stuff?
A: Yes.  We will have sporting activities during encampment, we will visit the A-10 live fire range, sweat through the obstacle course and relax at the cadet social.

Q: What time will I get up in the morning?
A: 0530 or earlier, depending on the schedule.
Q: Do I have to get up that early?
A: Yes.  You'll be too excited about PT anyway.

Q: How much PT will there be?
A: We are required by CAPR 52-16 to have 10 hours.  However we will have more because we love PT.  We are doing a CPFT the first morning, and again at the end to chart progress.  You will also play sports (ultimate frisbee, volleyball, etc.) and there's the obstacle course.

Parent/General FAQ:
Q: What does my son/daughter need to pack?
A: An information packet will be sent in the mail before encampment with a complete packing list.

Q: How do I get there?
A: The packing list will include directions and times for check in and check out

Q: Will I be able to say goodbye to my son/daughter at check-in?
A: Yes.  Time will be available for the parents to say goodbye after the cadet completes the first phase of check-in.

Q:  I live downstate and I heard about a bus.  How do I get on it?
A: Click on this link and print the page.  Follow the instructions on the page.

Q:  What time does my son/daughter have to be at check-in?
A:  Any time between 1200 and 1600 (4pm) on July 28th.  Do not show up early, as the staff may be at lunch or not fully prepared, and do not show up late, as your son/daughter will already be missing training.

Q:  Will my son/daughter come home the same person?
A:  We hope that they will go home more organized, disciplined, knowledgeable and motivated about CAP.

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