NY Wing 2001 Encampment
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NYW Encampment History

2001 Encampment Goals
From CAPR 52-16:
(1) Apply knowledge gained in the cadet and senior programs to practical situations.
(2) Develop a greater understanding of CAP and Air Force missions and capabilities.
(3) Develop their leadership potential.
(4) Enhance interpersonal relationship skills.
(5) Develop time-management skills.
(6) Instill group cooperation and teamwork.
(7) Inspire a sense of discipline.
(8) Challenge the individual to exceed.
(9) Enhance the local unitís cadet program.
(10) Aid in retention and motivation.
(11) Present an introduction to the military.

From encampment staff:
(12) Attention to Detail
(13) Meet the Standards
(14) Physical Fitness
(15) Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance (6 Pís)
(16) Conduct NCO Academy that is model for future
(17) Functional Expertise (for staff)
(18) Senior Training/Professional Development (for seniors)
(19) Mentoring

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