21 Sep 2001


      817 Stewart Avenue (Rear)
      Garden City, NY 11530-4856

SUBJECT: National Cadet Special Activities (NCSA) 2002
Application Procedure

1.  Once again, CAP National HQ is able to provide
cadets and seniors with a plethora of national
activities this summer.  The CAP News will have a pull
out section in November or December detailing each
activity and their dates and costs.  NY Wing looks
forward to representing its cadet program positively
to the nation again this year.  Like last year,
application packages will go to the assistant
directors of cadet program instead of NYWG HQ.  Groups
from the north (FLG, WNY, SCG, CNY) will send them to
Capt Andrew Welsh (CPAN, 503-2 Robert Quigley Drive, 
Scottsville NY 14546) and groups from the south
(LIG, NYC, MEG, SEG) will send to 1Lt Joe Winter
(CPAS, 5151 Park Avenue, Fairfield, CT 06432).

2.  Applications must include two (2) copies of CAPF
31 with photo in uniform (passport size OK).  National
HQ has certain restrictions outlined in the CAP News
pullout and the CAP NHQ Cadet Program webpage
( –
note this is the 2001 info- 2002 info will be posted
eventually on the NHQ webpage).  Important highlights
of these restrictions: Cadet Officer School is for
cadet officers only- they must appear on the MML with
the Mitchell Award (C/2Lt) by 31 DEC 01.

3.  NY Wing has additional requirements above and
beyond what National HQ specifies.  First and
foremost, cadets must have the grade of C/SSgt AND
have attended at least one encampment when applying.
Insufficient grade or no encampment appearing in the
CAPWATCH NHQ database are an automatic
disqualification.  Second, Hawk Mountain has a minimum
age of 16, per orders of NYWG CC.  Lets not set a bad
example for the cadets by lying and putting C/SSgt on
the application when they are a C/SrA and "just about
to promote".

4.  Due to a large volume of applications, gross
technical errors in the package and cadets not meeting
the minimums prescribed above will be the criteria
used in eliminating applicants. Senior members may
apply to most NCSA’s- guidelines and participation
levels will be outlined in the CAP News NCSA pullout.
Cadet staff positions are available at several
activities; again, see the CAP News pullout. Hawk Mt
and several other activities must have their own
separate CAPF 31’s from the other NCSA’s.  Example: If
a cadet applies for Hawk Mt, PJOC and AETCFC, they
must have 2 sets CAPF 31’s – the first set is for Hawk
Mt and the second for PJOC and AETCFC; again, follow
the guidelines of the CAP News pullout.

5.  Groups will conduct their own NCSA review boards.
A complete package has been developed, and examines
the cadet’s uniform, general CAP and current events
knowledge, knowledge of the activity applied for, as
well as some open ended questions.  ALL GROUPS WILL
USE WING’S QUESTIONS.  All groups will use the scoring
criteria provided, questions provided and will return
the score per the scoring system included in the
package.  These scores are used to weigh all
applicants across the wing evenly- this can only be
done if all applicants are scored equally.  Groups
will then write their scores on the applicant’s CAPF
31, and include on a separate sheet a list of the
board member’s names and ranks.  All groups are
required to forward a single batch to the CPAN or
CPAS. Once the batch has been received, additional
applications will not be permitted. Review board
packages will be mailed out to all groups by 10 OCT

6.  Senior member applicants are not required to
appear before a group review board, however, all
seniors are required to forward their application to
the group review board chair so that their application
can considered for approval by the group commander. A
section for senior member applicants will be included
in the review board package.

7.  Groups are expected to conduct their review boards
between November and mid-December, with applications
mailed to the Assistant Director of Cadet Programs in
your respective half of the state, postmarked by 31
DEC 01.  If you have any questions or concerns,
contact me via e-mail at or by phone
at 718-334-1235 (W) or 212-823-0058 (H).

Henry Grullon, Major, CAP
Director of Cadet Programs

1-Cadet Program Staff Directory
2-CAPF 31 deductions