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  • 2002 NYW Leadership Encampment, Fort Drum, NY
    27 July - 4 Aug 2002
    Capt Daniel Stouch, Commanding

    The 2002 Leadership Encampment at Fort Drum, NY is "Continuing the Tradition of Excellence" in NY Wing encampments. NY Wing sets the standard for encampments nationwide- the CAP-wide encampment manual is even based largely on our encampments!

    Read the welcoming memo from Capt Stouch

    Our 'benchmark' encampment featured exciting activities such as an NCO academy, orientation flights on CAP aircraft, demonstrations of the power of the Air Force's A-10 and F-16 aircraft on a live ammo target range, and the individually and team challenging obstacle course, as well as an outstanding classroom curriculum.

    Cadets were expected to maintain military customs and courtesies, self-discipline, their barracks and bunks, as well as perform in drill and knowledge inspections and tests.

    The encampment for in-flight cadets was from 27 July to 4 August, with the staff reporting 2 days earlier (25 July), and departing 5 August. The procedure for applying and the needed forms are on the page linked on the left.Attendance was limited to Cadet Airmen (one stripe or higher) per CAPR 52-16, Para 5-6.a. Applications must be postmarked by 29 June 02.

    The commander for Drum 2002 is Capt Daniel Stouch, CAP.

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